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DOH To Give Justice To Frontliner Nurse Attacked And Splattered Zonrox On His Face

The Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday night, March 29, denounced reports of discrimination and harassment against health care workers amid the coronavirus disease crisis.

The DOH said it is receiving reports of some health workers being attacked physically, including “being thrown bleach and splashed with chlorine.”

The incident happened on Friday, March 27, at around 5p.m., and the private hospital in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat strongly condemned the harassment incident involving one of its nurses, where five suspects splattered bleach all over the nurse’s face while he was on his way to report for duty.

The reason for the attack, however, remains unclear.

Fortunately, the nurse was able to rush himself to the hospital where he was given prompt treatment which saved his life.

The hospital administration said the incident was already reported to the President Quirino Police Station, but as of press time, the identities of the suspects are yet to be disclosed.

The health department added that there were also reports that some health workers are refused access to basic services such as transportation and laundry, with some of them blocked and fined at checkpoints, and being “evicted from their homes.”

“We denounce the acts of physical assault, harassment, and discrimination committed against our fellow health care workers. These acts cannot be tolerated,” the DOH said in a statement.

Hospital workers are most exposed to COVID-19 especially when they are handling patients who tested positive for the dreaded disease, but the health department appealed to instead show support to them, rather than discriminating these people while working on the frontlines of the pandemic.


“We appeal to the public to extend understanding and compassion to our health care workers. Our health care workers have responded to our country’s need with dedication, courage, and selflessness. This is not the time for us to turn our backs on them,” the statement added.

The DOH assured the public that health care workers take extra precaution to ensure infection prevention and control.

“Health care workers who are PUIs (Persons Under Investigation) and PUMs (Persons Under Monitoring) are following protocol, taking steps to isolate themselves even from their loved ones,” the health department said.

Further, the DOH said it is now investigating the reported harassments and vowed to hold perpetrators liable.

“We support our counterparts at the Philippine National Police, Department of Transportation, Department of the Interior and Local Government, as well as LGUs (Local Government Units), whose personnel we expect and hope to be the first line of defense in protecting our health care workers and keeping them safe from harm and discrimination,” the DOH added.

Source: DOH
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