Friday, January 27, 2017

DOLE Widens Ban On Child Labor In Agriculture, Livestock Farming Under President Duterte


The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) released on January 18, a long list of jobs related to agriculture and livestock farming, where minors are prohibited from getting employed.

In a statement, the DOLE said employers in the agriculture and livestock farming industry should take note on where they should not employ children below 18 years old as this is prohibited under Department Order (DO) 149-A.

Declared as hazardous work in farming for minors are preparatory and planting activities that involve clearing of land, plowing, harrowing, irrigating, constructing paddy dike, and cutting; as well as plant propagation activities involving grafting, budding, and marcotting.

Also prohibited are tending activities that involve weeding; handling, spraying and application of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals; and the loading and carrying of heavy loads.

Harvesting loads such as cutting and picking, spreading for drying, hauling, topping, tumbling, tuxying, stripping, burning of field, sticking and classifying, threshing, loading and carting of produce are also prohibited for minors.

Child labor is also prohibited in post-harvesting activities that involve de-husking, scooping, sacking of products, charcoal making, hauling of products as led by animal guide, loading and unloading of packed farm products, coconut kilning and de-meating from shell or core, sealing and carting of produce for warehousing and transport to market and all ancillary work such as clearing, cleaning, and recycling of farm waste in its preparation as animal food and other related processes.

As for livestock farming, the DOLE said minors are not allowed to be employed in rearing such as collecting, loading, unloading and transporting of feeds, maintenance and care of large and/or dangerous animals, collecting and disposal of dead animals, animal manure and other waste materials, administering of vaccines and vitamins, and handling of disinfectants used for cleaning animal pens/enclosures or for disinfecting animals.

Also not allowed are harvesting activities that involve catching or collecting, ranching, and milking in preparation for warehousing or transport to market, post-harvest activities including the packaging and processing of dairy and other animal by-products in preparation for warehousing and transport to market; and working in slaughterhouses or abattoirs are also prohibited to minors.

“The best interest of children is the paramount consideration to ensure that their employment does not endanger their life, safety, health and morals, nor impair their normal development,” said DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello.

Source: Sunstar PH

President Duterte Declares No Bonuses To Officials Of State-Run Firms Without His Approval


It will now be harder for officials of state-run firms to get fat bonuses as President Rodrigo Duterte declared that they can no longer receive additional compensation without his approval.

In a speech during the ground-breaking ceremony of a power plant in Sarangani, President Duterte claimed that some officials from government-owned and controlled corporations rewarded themselves “liberally” with taxpayers’ money.

“Kayong nasa (You who are in) government corporations and SSS (Social Security System), you award yourselves with the money of the people I have issued an order. You go down, down as down,” the President said.

“There will be no more increases of your salary of your monument without my approval. I will bring you to my level,” he added.

President Duterte noted that as President, he only receives a monthly salary of P130,000.

“I go home, I do not sleep in the Palace. I do not like the word ‘palace,’ just say the Office of the President,” he said.

“If you ask me if I am exceedingly happy to be president? I’ll tell you this: I do not need it at this time of my life. All the applauses and praises and adulation for 40 years of being a politician including being a Congressman and the Vice Mayor to my daughter. I’ve had enough of it. It does not ring a bell and all I am doing now is just work, work, and work,” President Duterte said.

Early this month, Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia said the Duterte administration is planning to limit the bonuses and pay given to officials and employees of state-run firms.

Pernia said officials of government-owned and or controlled corporations enjoy monthly honoraria as well as a P40,000 honorarium per meeting.

He said while state-run firms should be competitive, the bonuses being received by their officials and employees should be tempered.

In the same speech, President Duterte reiterated that he would not tolerate any form of corruption in government.

He mentioned his demand for officials of the Energy Regulatory Commission to resign.

The President asked ERC officials to quit after the apparent suicide of its Bids and Awards Committee Chair who was allegedly pressured to approve anomalous deals.

“An energy board that fixes the price of what you should pay for the energy sector are all there corrupt. That’s connected with energy. Until now they are still there. Stay there, but I will transfer your office to Basilan,” the President said.

President Duterte said while he has his own share of faults, corruption is not one of them.

Source: Newswatch PH

President Duterte Assures Government Full Support To Power Generation Projects Nationwide


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reiterated the government’s full support to on-going and upcoming power generation projects, especially in Mindanao, citing they are vital to the country’s development.

The President gave the assurance as he personally led the ceremonial switch-on of Sarangani Energy Corporation’s (SEC) initial 105-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant and the ground-breaking of its second 105-MW section in Barangay Kamanga, Sarangani.

He lauded the commitment of the SEC, which is operated by the Alsons Power Group, to complete its US$ 570-million power plant project and eventually help stabilize the power situation in Mindanao.

“Mindanao has had that shortfall for so many years – for energy. We cannot develop until we have the power,” he said.

The President noted that Mindanao suffered economically several times in the last decade due to severe power shortage.

He was referring to the power crisis that gripped the island three years ago that resulted in prolonged daily rotational brownouts.

In this city, a number of businesses suffered as the daily power outages stretched to at least seven hours.

President Duterte acknowledged various concerns regarding risks to human health and the environment of the operations of coal-fired power plants but said there are no alternatives to them in terms of cost.

He said the government had considered renewable energy projects but cited that they are too expensive to develop.

The President said the government has to “strike a balance” between the opposition to coal-fired power plants and the country’s energy needs.

“We would like to have a clean planet but it’s impossible to really insist on it because civilization needs to have light. So you strike a happy balance,” he said.

He added that as long as coal remains the most viable and cheapest way to generate power, there’s no other alternative except to upgrade the technology to its fullest to address concerns on pollution and other related problems.

SEC’s first 105-MW component began commercial operations in April last year and currently supplies power to an estimated three million residents in Region 12 and other parts of Mindanao.

The power plant is considered as the single largest power investment in Sarangani Province and the entire Region 12.

Source: Newswatch PH

President Duterte Open To Honoring All 44 SAF Commandos With Medal Of Valor


President Rodrigo Duterte said he is open to giving Medal of Valor for all the 44 SAF commandos who perished in Mamasapano encounter almost two years ago as their relatives clamor for such recognition.

Speaking before the families of the SAF44 in Malacanan on Tuesday, January 24, the President said that he would direct PNP Chief Police Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa to make an assessment based on previous investigations if the SAF commandos could be given the highest military honor.

Only two SAF commandos were given such award during the administration of former President Benigno Aquino III.

“So I am asking Dela Rosa and you guys, Lito, study the matter very carefully and look that up. You know, if it’s sauce for the gander, it’s also sauce for the goose,” the President said.

“Walang pinipili. Patay kung patay. So look into it, I’m directing you now and give me the result within, probably at the end of the month. And if you think as a soldier that the 44 deserve the Valor, then recommend it and I would give it to them. All of the soldiers, the 44,” he added.

Dela Rosa should just look at the records and need not do another investigation since there are previous inquiries done after the Mamasapano incident, he said.

At the same time, President Duterte said he would create a commission composed of seven, similar to the Agrava Commission that investigated the assassination of the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

“I will appoint men of integrity and honor and kung tanggapin nila, then I will choose mostly the justices of the Supreme Court, maybe a few from the civilian sector, maybe a lawyer,” the President said.

During the dialogue with the President, the families said they were still seeking justice, two years after the bloody Mamasapano encounter.

They were asking the government to fulfill its promises such as the grant of livelihood, scholarships for the SAF commandos children, the award of Medal of Valor and declaration for a national commemoration day for the gallant police troopers.

President Duterte said he would approve having a day of remembering the gallantry of the SAF 44.

There were 10 families from Luzon and Visayas who joined the President during Tuesday’s dialogue. Fourteen families came from Baguio City, and 15 families from Mindanao.

Source: PCOO.Gov

Pres. Duterte 64 Big Ticket Projects, Roads, Railways, Airports, Seaports Now In Progress In “Golden Age Of Infrastructure”


A total of 64 big-ticket projects ranging from major road networks, railway systems and bus rapid transit systems to airport and seaport modernization are either for implementation or in the pipeline as part of the Duterte administration’s envisioned “golden age of infrastructure.”

Another 15 on-going projects are being implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) that are either locally funded, with Official Development Assistance (ODA), or through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

These on-going projects include the Mandaluyong Main Drainage Project (Phase II); Central Luzon Link Expressway, Phase I, Tarlac-Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija; Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Measures in the Low Lying Areas of Pampanga Bay; Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (Binalonan-Rosario Section), Flood Risk Management Project (FRIMP) in Cagayan de Oro River and the Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.-Paseo De Roxas / Makati Ave. Vehicle Underpass Project.

According to DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, all these projects will significantly boost growth and raise productivity and competitiveness.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) projects the national government to raise the infrastructure budget from P552 billion to P1.470 trillion by 2022, or from 3.5 to 5.7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In the same period, the total infrastructure budget – both national and local – is projected to grow from P861 billion in 2017 to P1.832 trillion by 2022, or from 5.4 to 7.1 percent of GDP.

“The significant increase in the infrastructure budget will be used to fund on-going and proposed major infrastructure projects, which are vital for sustaining high and inclusive growth,” Villar said.

The 64 projects for implementation or in the pipeline are broken down as follows: 20 involving road construction and improvements; two involving bridge construction and reinforcements; four flood control projects; two dams; one road transport IT infrastructure project; 23 involving rail systems; seven airport development projects; two transport terminals; and three bus rapid transit systems.

Besides its current projects, the DPWH is also set to either oversee or implement 10 infra projects in Metro Manila and Mindanao. These are the: Bonifacio Global City-Ortigas Center Link Road Project; UP-Miriam-Ateneo Viaduct along C-5/ Katipunan; Metro Manila Priority Bridges Seismic Improvement Project (Guadalupe Bridge and Lambingan Bridge; Widening/Improvement of Gen. Luis St.-Kaybiga-Polo-Novaliches; Cavite-Laguna Expressway; NLEX-SLEX Connector Road; Metro Manila Interchange Construction Project VI; Davao City By-Pass Construction Project (South Section (Road) and Center Section (Tunnel); Panguil Bay Bridge, and Phase 1 of the Metro Manila Flood Management Project.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr), on the other hand, has awarded 6 PPP projects and is either bidding out or about to bid out 10 PPP projects, according to DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade.

The awarded PPP projects are the Integrated Transport System (ITS) Project: South Terminal; Integrated Transport System (ITS) Project: Southwest Terminal; LRT Line 1 Cavite Extension and Operations and Maintenance; Contactless Automatic Fare Collection System; Mactan Cebu International Airport Project; and MRT Line 7.

PPP projects that are either undergoing or about to undergo bidding are the Development, Operations and Maintenance of Bacolod-Silay, Davao, Iloilo, Laguindingan and New Bohol (Panglao) Airports; LRT Line 2 Operations and Maintenance; Road Transport Information Technology Infrastructure (Phase II); LRT Line 6; Philippine National Railways-South Line (previously, the North-South Railway Project-South Line); and NAIA Development.

The DOTr, through a combination of ODA and PPP, is implementing and developing a total of 23 rail projects which will greatly expand the country’s rail system from the current 77 kilometers to over 1,750 Km.

The 10 on-going rail projects include the following: PNR North (Manila-Malolos), PNR South Commuter PPP Project (Manila-Los Banos), PNR South Long Haul PPP Project (Los Banos-Legaspi,Matnog,Batangas Port), Line 1 Cavite Extension PPP Project (Baclaran-Niog), Automated Fare Collection System PPP Project (Beep Card), Line 2 O&M PPP Project, Line 2 East Extension (Santolan-Masinag), Line 2 West Extension (Recto-Pier 4), Line 6 PPP Project (Niog-Dasmarinas), Line 7 PPP Project (San Jose Del Monte-North EDSA).

Another 13 rail projects are being developed by DOTr.

These include the following: Mindanao Railway (Circumferential), Cebu Railway (5 lines), Panay Railway, Line 4 (Taytay-Manila) PPP Project, Line 5 (Pasay-Makati-Taguig) PPP Project, Line 8 (Quezon City-Manila) PPP Project, PNR North Phase 2 (Malolos-Clark), Mega Manila Subway Project, Subic-Clark Railway.

Aside from extensive rail development, the DOTr is also implementing at least three Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems, establishing 77 km of segregated busways and improving pedestrian and bikeway facilities.

These include the Cebu BRT, the Quezon Avenue BRT, and the Central Corridor (EDSA) BRT. Several other BRT systems and corridors are also currently being studied by DOTr.

Alongside these projects, there are 12 other DPWH projects in the pipeline.

These include the Panay-Guimaras-Negros Link Project; EDSA-Taft Flyover; Central Luzon Link Expressway, Phase II, Cabanatuan-San Jose, Nueva Ecija; Flood Protection Works in the Marikina River including Retarding Basin; and the Dalton Pass East Alignment Alternative Road Project.

Another six big-ticket projects funded through PPPs are also either being proposed  by the DPWH or already in the pipeline.

These include the R-7 Expressway, Manila Bay Integrated Flood Control, Coastal Defense and Expressway, and the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway Dike.

DBM Secretary Benjamin Diokno said the incremental revenues that would be raised from the first package of the Department of Finance (DOF)-proposed Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) amounting to some P163 billion in 2018 is consistent with the planned increase in the budget deficit from 2.7 percent of GDP in 2016 to 3 percent of GDP beginning 2017.

The first package of the CTRP was submitted by the DOF to the Congress last September 26.

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said the DOF welcomes the recent statement of Representative Dakila Carlo Cua, who chairs the House ways and means committee tackling tax reform, that the first package would be approved by his panel in January this year.

In the medium-term, Dominguez said tax reform is expected to help reduce the poverty rate from 21.6 percent in 2015 to 14 percent in 2022, lifting some six million Filipinos out of poverty, and helping the country achieve upper middle income country status, with the per capita gross national income increasing from $3,550 in 2015 to at least $4,100 by 2022, which is where China and Thailand are today.

If this momentum is sustained, the country would be well on its way to becoming a high-income economy by 2040 with a per capita gross national income of at least $12,000, or where Malaysia and Korea are right now, he added.

Package One of the CTRP seeks to lower personal income tax rates, broaden the Value Added Tax (VAT) base, and increase the excise taxes on oil products and automobiles.

The lowering of personal income tax rates, a promise that President Rodrigo Duterte made during the 2016 poll campaign, will increase the take-home pay of workers and make our tax rates more competitive, Dominguez said.

A broader VAT base will level the playing field and reduce massive leakages, while higher excise taxes on oil products and automobiles will improve the progressivity of the tax system as richer households consume far more of these products, he said.

“Meanwhile, to protect the poor and vulnerable sectors, highly targeted transfers and subsidies will be provided as part of the ramp up of social spending from 37.3 percent of the 2016 budget to 40.1 percent of the 2017 budget,” Dominguez said.

According to a report quoting BMI Research, sustaining the country’s high growth path is dependent on the Duterte administration’s ability to roll out big-ticket infrastructure projects.

Also, the Oxford Business Group has cited a November report of ratings agency Standard & Poor’s that said the Philippines was a top performer in Southeast Asia in 2016 partly because of an expansionary fiscal policy that emphasizes public infrastructure.

Other institutions have also said the Philippines can sustain its high growth of above 6 percent – and thus its status as one of Asia’s fastest growing economies – provided that the Duterte administration delivers on its commitment to accelerate spending on infrastructure.

These private and multilateral institutions include the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Fitch Ratings,  S&P Global Ratings, Nomura, First Metro Investment Corp. (FMIC), Colliers International, Nordic Business Council of the Philippines (NBCP), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), Goldman Sachs, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC), Sun Life Asset Management Co., AB Capital Securities, Lamudi PHL and the Management Association of the Philippines.

Source: PIA.Gov

Philippine Made Multi-Mission Offshore Vessels For BFAR Nearing Completion Under Duterte Admin


An update on on-going construction of first two Philippine-made 50.5-meter Multi-mission Offshore Vessels (MMOV) for Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) was shared by MaxDefense Philippines on Thursday, January 26.

“Based on the photo provided to us, it appears that the hulls of both vessels are now almost complete, and could be launched very soon,” MaxDefense said in its Social Networking Page.

Construction of the said vessels started in January 2016. These will be first in their class to be built in the Philippines. Each vessel costs PhP 178.5 Million.

“A 50m multi-mission monohull patrol vessel for illegal fishing with the flexibility to lead in disaster relief and/or rescue operations, as well as to serve as a platform for research,” Designer Incat Crowther said.

BFAR said the design was created by Incat Crowther, a reputable ship designer based in the United States. The vessels are being built at Josefa Slipways, a medium category local shipyard in Navotas City.

“These vessels are made in the Philippines, made by Filipino, and funded using our own money, the taxpayers’ money,” the former BFAR Director Asis Perez said.

BFAR is planning to build four more vessels of same class.

Source: MaxDefense

P74 Million Grandest Police Headquarters In PH With Bulletproof Windows, Green Features Opens In Muntinlupa


After more than two decades of renting space at the back of City Hall, the Muntinlupa police can now call a P74 million “green” building their new home.

What is considered the biggest local police headquarters in Metro Manila was inaugurated on Wednesday, January 25, on a 2,214-square-meter government land on Laguerta Street, Barangay Tunasan.

The four-story structure designed by Don Causapin of the City Architect’s Office has shock-resistant and bulletproof windows. It is also installed with 51 closed-circuit television cameras linked to a command center.

The fully ventilated ground floor will be used as a detention area that can accommodate 80 male and female inmates, while the roof deck will have the barracks and a recreation center for uniformed personnel.

The building also has rainwater collector units for water recycling and energy efficient LED lights.

Construction started in 2016 after the Muntinlupa City council approved a P74-million budget for the project, according to City Information Officer Tez Ramos.

“In my 34 years in the service, it is only today that I’ve seen a high-quality headquarters such as this. It should be a model for other police headquarters in the Philippines,” said National Capital Region Police Office Chief Director Oscar Albayalde.

Senior Supt. Nicolas Salvador, Muntinlupa Police Chief, said about a hundred policemen can move out of their former police station behind City Hall in Barangay Putatan, around a kilometer away from the new headquarters, starting January 31.

Source: Inquirer

PCSO Lotto Results For Friday, January 27, 2017 Draws

The Latest Philippine PCSO Lotto Results for Friday, January 27, 2017 Draws:

LOTTO GAME:  4-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/27/2017
EVENING 9:00PM:  6-6-9-1
JACKPOT PRIZE:  69,638.00
WINNER(S):  15
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  Suertres 3-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/27/2017
MORNING 11AM:  3-2-0
WINNER(S):  949
WINNER(S):  386
EVENING 9PM:  3-4-7
WINNER(S):  1292
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,500.00
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  EZ2 2-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/27/2017
MORNING 11AM:  26-22
WINNER(S):  49
WINNER(S):  280
EVENING 9PM:  12-10
WINNER(S):  592
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,000.00
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  Ultra Lotto 6/58
DRAW DATE:  01/27/2017
COMBINATION:  5-41-53-12-16-46
CURRENT JACKPOT:  136,957,364.00
Winning numbers in any order.

LOTTO GAME:  Mega Lotto 6/45
DRAW DATE:  01/27/2017
COMBINATION:  22-27-39-9-33-19
CURRENT JACKPOT:  56,872,188.00
Winning numbers in any order.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office says all prizes are tax-paid.

DFA To Put Up Philippine Consular Office In Sabah, Malaysia Under President Duterte


Mindanao Development Authority Chairperson Secretary Datu Hj. Abul Khayr Alonto disclosed in Habi at Kape media forum that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will establish a Philippine consular office at Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.

He said this came as offshoot of the decision of the Minister of Sabah to lift the ban on the conduct of economic activities among Filipino Muslim traders of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi and Malaysian traders which also re-opens the Philippine’s access to Sabah, Malaysia.

At present, Philippines has a mobile consular office in Kota Kinabalu but it has no physical office to tend to the needs of Filipinos in the city, particularly the processing of documents such as passports.

Secretary Alonto pointed out the importance of putting up a consular office in Kota Kinabalu as a sizeable Filipino population in the city.

“Nobody is attending to our people. They need the consular support and concern of the Department of Foreign Affairs,” he said.

Secretary Alonto mentioned that the primary hindrance before was the issue of Sabah claim.

However, he stressed that Kota Kinabalu is not part of the area covered by the Sabah claim.

The Secretary stressed that without the prejudice of such issue, the Philippine government would like to urgently respond to the needs of the Filipino community in Sabah.

“The children cannot go to school because they are undocumented. Now we will work it out and negotiate that the Philippine government through the Department of Education (DepEd) and other private entities that have so much concern about the human developments of the children of these migrants can put up schools.” Secretary Alonto explained.

Once established, the consular office will also tend to the health and livelihood needs of the Filipinos in the city.

Aside from the establishment of a consular office, the government is also making arrangements with the country’s counterparts in Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) for the acceleration and operation of the BIMP-EAGA Facilitation Center at Kota Kinabalu by February this year.

Source: Newswatch PH

Thursday, January 26, 2017

High-Speed Railway System Among Priority Connectivity Projects Of President Duterte In Mindanao


Mindanao needs some Php 60 billion to complete the connectivity project of Duterte administration around the island.

Secretary Datu Hj. Abul Khayr D. Alonto, Chairman of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), said the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) already has Php 17 billion for infrastructure projects in priority areas of Mindanao this year.

“About Php 43 billion is needed to complete the connection of some 1,500 kilometers in the island,” he said at Wednesday’s Habi at Kape at Abreeza Mall here.

Secretary Alonto added the completion of the connectivity project is envisioned to spur rapid development in Mindanao.

The Secretary said the government is targeting a four-year period to fully link all places in Mindanao before President Rodrigo Duterte ends his term.

He also emphasized that one of the major projects that will be built is the Mindanao High-Speed Railway System (MRS) as part of the connectivity program in Mindanao.

Secretary Alonto said they are initially looking at the China Railway Company that built the railway system from Shanghai to Beijing.

However, the project is open to other investors as it will undergo bidding hopefully within the year.

It could be a government-to-government partnership and the pre-feasibility study could be done in one month while the feasibility study can be completed in two months.

He said the China proposal can employ 100,000 jobs wherein 20 percent will be handled by the Chinese and the remaining 80 percent by Filipinos.

Furthermore, Secretary Alonto said the Mindanao railway system “is part of the economic revolution that we envision in Mindanao.”

“When everything will be linked we are optimistic that in the ASEAN, Mindanao is the future,” he added.

Source: Manila Bulletin

Pres. Duterte Hands Over Permanent Housing To Yolanda Survivors, Vows To Relocate All Displaced Families By March


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte visited government’s permanent housing project for Typhoon Yolanda survivors in Tacloban City promising to relocate displaced families by March this year.

The President arrived at New Hope Village in Brgy. Sta. Elena, Tacloban City on Wednesday, January 25 to inspect the government’s P290 million housing program for the typhoon survivors and to lead in the turnover of 1,100 housing units to families of this city, who lost their houses during the strongest typhoon to hit land in 2013.

The 1,100 units are located in New Hope Village, Ridge View Village, Greendale, Guadalupe, Villa Diana, Villa Sofia and North Hill Arbours.

In his message, President Duterte said he was angered by the government’s inability to immediately provide shelter to the survivors three years after Typhoon Yolanda struck Eastern Visayas.

The President gave concerned agencies until March to make sure that the remaining 8,816 families would be in permanent shelters two months from now.

“January, February, March. By March, you should have transferred already to permanent shelters and I will come back here. If these are not ready, they better make five crosses, like the one used by Christ. I will make them carry these crosses around here,” he said.

President Duterte, however, didn’t specify whom he would hold accountable if the deadline was not met by March although he alluded to officials of agencies involved in providing permanent houses for Yolanda survivors.

During the ceremony, Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Chair of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, updated the public on the resettlement of families who lost their houses due to Yolanda.

His report showed that as of January 23, 5,617 families had been relocated to the resettlement sites in Tacloban, considered the ground zero of Yolanda.

The figures were about 38 percent of the 14,433 families who have not been relocated to the same number of housing units.

The construction of the housing units involved the National Housing Authority (NHA) in coordination with other government agencies like the Department of Public Works and Highways, Local Water Utilities Administration and its local counterpart, the Leyte Metropolitan Water District, and the National Electrification Administration through its local utility, the Leyte II Electric Cooperative.

Meanwhile, Rizalde Mediavillo, Regional Manager of the NHA, said that they would do their “best effort” to comply with the presidential deadline, the second made by President Duterte.

“We will do what is right. If it is necessary to do overtime, we will do overtime,” Mediavillo said.

The NHA earlier cited bad weather, difficulties of finding relocation sites and site development as among the reasons for the delay of the construction of these houses.

Source: Inquirer

President Duterte Orders PAGCOR To Report Government Officials, Spouses, Kids Staying In Casinos


President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) Chair Andrea Domingo to strictly implement a prohibit all government officials from entering casinos.

The President said his ban would cover their wives or husbands and all their children.

“I do not want people lalo na sa gobyerno, papasok-pasok dyan sa (casino). O nasa gobyerno ka, yan lang ang kikitain mo, bakit ka magsugal doon?” said President Duterte in a transcript issued by Malacanang.

President Duterte recalled that during the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, government officials were forbidden from stepping into casinos.

Presidential Decree No. 1067-B, as amended by PD 1869 bans all government officials connected directly with the operation of the government or any of its agencies and members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines from staying or playing in casinos.

Despite the ban, PAGCOR has allowed some prominent government officials to play in casinos such as then Vice President Joseph Estrada in 1996 and then Land Transportation Office Chief Virgie Torres in 2013.

In 2001, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued a memorandum reiterating the ban on government officials from playing in casinos.

Source: Politiko

President Duterte To Reopen Mamasapano Investigation With Top Level Fact-Finding Commission


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announced that he would form a commission that will look into the Mamasapano tragedy that claimed the lives of more than 60 persons – including 44 police commandos – two years ago.

“I will create a commission of seven. I will appoint men of integrity and honor. Kung tanggapin nila, I will choose mostly justices of the Supreme Court and few of the civilian sector, maybe a lawyer. Ayoko mag-recommend na kilala ko,” the President said in a speech delivered a day before the second anniversary of the Mamasapano clash.

President Duterte had a dialogue with the families of the SAF commandos who asked him when justice would be attained.

“They will be independent in all aspects. They are free to summon and as President, the Executive Department, I will order you to honor the process. We will bestow to the commission the powers exactly given to the Agrava commission. Iyong panahon sa pagkamatay ng Aquino. Let us see,” the President was referring to the board that investigate the death of Benigno Aquino Jr., father of former President Benigno Aquino III.

“Maybe I will just give them – ready naman lahat iyan, nandiyan na iyong papel – at the end of the year then we can have the truth,” he added.

Source: Newswatch PH

President Duterte To Enforce Stricter Rules On Lazy Government Officials, Employees Next Month


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte will enforce stricter rules against lazy government workers by next month as he vowed to get rid of all types of corruption in the bureaucracy within his term.

Speaking to thousands of super typhoon “Yolanda” survivors on Wednesday, January 25, the President got upset with the performance of some state workers.

“The problem with government is indolence, tamad, tapulan. And most of the people in government take for granted the people’s interests,” the President said in his 40-minute impromptu speech at the New Hope Village relocation in Sta. Elena village in Tacloban.

He vowed to enforce severe restrictions to fight corruptions starting February in the bid to expedite response to public requests.

President Duterte scolded government officials and employees who work less than the required hours of daily work.

“You have to work for eight hours. You’re fully paid to work. It’s not acceptable to see employees going around in malls after lunch instead of returning to work. You are short-changing the government. Actually, you are swindling the government and that is punishable under the revised penal code,” he said.

The Chief Executive warned of dismissal of erring government officials and employees.

“It’s zero tolerance. No second chance for all,” President Duterte said.

Furthermore, he directed government offices to act on requests from clients within 15 days or less and work beyond working hours.

“To regional directors, you should be first to report and the last to leave the office,” he added.

The Civil Service Commission was asked to act immediately on administrative cases filed against lazy government workers.

Source: Newswatch PH

President Duterte To Grant Executive Clemency To 127 Sick, Elderly Prisoners Next Week


A total of 127 sick and elderly prisoners will be granted Executive Clemency by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte next week, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II revealed on Wednesday, January 25.

Sec. Aguirre said the President promised to pardon the detainees on Monday during the 11th Cabinet meeting after finding out that the order has not been signed yet.

“Magkatabi po kasi si Pangulo at si Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea so parang nalaman ni Pangulo na hindi pa napipirmahan yung list of the candidates for Executive Clemency. Ang sabi, kung ganoon, aniya, sige next week, aprubado iyan,” said the Justice Secretary.

The candidates for Executive Clemency come from correctional facilities under the control of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), including the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) and the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW).

Last November, President Duterte promised to release inmates aged at least 80 and those who have spent at least 40 years in jail.

“All the elderly and those who have illness, those with rheumatism, they can no longer run, those 80-years-old above. If they still want, if they still have family to go, I will grant them pardon also so that they can return,” President Duterte disclosed.

The Chief Executive made this pledge after he granted actor Robin Padilla absolute pardon.

Source: Newswatch PH

PCSO Lotto Results For Thursday, January 26, 2017 Draws

The Latest Philippine PCSO Lotto Results for Thursday, January 26, 2017 Draws:

LOTTO GAME:  6-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/26/2017
EVENING 9:00PM:  7-0-8-0-3-7
JACKPOT PRIZE:  426,803.20
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  Suertres 3-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/26/2017
MORNING 11AM:  2-0-7
WINNER(S):  1139
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EVENING 9PM:  4-8-1
WINNER(S):  1371
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,500.00
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  EZ2 2-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/26/2017
MORNING 11AM:  3-31
WINNER(S):  259
WINNER(S):  440
WINNER(S):  478
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,000.00
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  Super Lotto 6/49
DRAW DATE:  01/26/2017
COMBINATION:  35-26-39-23-40-2
CURRENT JACKPOT:  16,000,000.00
Winning numbers in any order.

LOTTO GAME:  National Lotto 6/42
DRAW DATE:  01/26/2017
COMBINATION:  9-6-3-39-4-32
CURRENT JACKPOT:  28,802,704.00
Winning numbers in any order.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office says all prizes are tax-paid.

PCSO Lotto Results For Wednesday, January 25, 2017 Draws

The Latest Philippine PCSO Lotto Results for Wednesday, January 25, 2017 Draws:

LOTTO GAME:  4-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/25/2017
EVENING 9:00PM:  9-9-4-5
JACKPOT PRIZE:  42,686.00
WINNER(S):  17
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  Suertres 3-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/25/2017
MORNING 11AM:  7-2-3
WINNER(S):  681
WINNER(S):  582
EVENING 9PM:  5-0-9
WINNER(S):  831
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,500.00
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  EZ2 2-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/25/2017
MORNING 11AM:  11-14
WINNER(S):  280
WINNER(S):  166
WINNER(S):  664
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,000.00
Winning numbers in exact order.

LOTTO GAME:  Grand Lotto 6/55
DRAW DATE:  01/25/2017
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CURRENT JACKPOT:  30,000,000.00
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LOTTO GAME:  Mega Lotto 6/45
DRAW DATE:  01/25/2017
COMBINATION:  41-37-33-45-19-21
CURRENT JACKPOT:  52,515,424.00
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PCSO Lotto Results For Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Draws

The Latest Philippine PCSO Lotto Results for Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Draws:

LOTTO GAME:  6-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/24/2017
EVENING 9:00PM:  2-2-1-5-4-0
JACKPOT PRIZE:  150,000.00
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LOTTO GAME:  Suertres 3-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/24/2017
MORNING 11AM:  6-0-9
WINNER(S):  565
WINNER(S):  1140
EVENING 9PM:  8-0-6
WINNER(S):  1013
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,500.00
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LOTTO GAME:  EZ2 2-Digit Lotto
DRAW DATE:  01/24/2017
MORNING 11AM:  27-21
WINNER(S):  233
WINNER(S):  251
EVENING 9PM:  6-11
WINNER(S):  619
JACKPOT PRIZE:  4,000.00
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LOTTO GAME:  Super Lotto 6/49
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CURRENT JACKPOT:  27,797,928.00
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LOTTO GAME:  National Lotto 6/42
DRAW DATE:  01/24/2017
COMBINATION:  8-32-31-29-6-3
CURRENT JACKPOT:  25,207,964.00
Winning numbers in any order

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office says all prizes are tax-paid.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pres. Duterte Says General Bato To Stay As PNP Chief, He Has My Complete Trust And Confidence


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte brushed aside calls for Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa to resign over the murder of a Korean kidnap victim inside police headquarters at Camp Crame.

“He stays there. Bato has my complete trust and confidence,” President Duterte said, referring to PNP Chief Dela Rosa by his nickname.

President Duterte has ordered Chief Dela Rosa to prosecute the rogue policemen who kidnapped then strangled Hanjin Executive Jee Ick Joo inside Camp Crame in October 2016.

“He must identify those policemen who are into this kind of activity,” President Duterte said. “And I can assure you, everybody involved will be prosecuted.”

President Duterte’s expression of confidence came after Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said some policemen involved in criminal cases and placed under PNP custody have gone missing.

One of these, Sec. Aguirre said, was PO1 Jonjie Manon-og of the Highway Patrol Group (HPG), who was accused of killing motorist John dela Riarte in July 2016.

“The HPG received a copy of the arrest warrant last January 18 but up to now he has not been found. We don’t know where he is,” Sec. Aguirre said in an interview.

Sec. Aguirre asked the PNP to comply with the court order, especially since Manon-og was supposed to be under restrictive custody due to separate murder and robbery charges against him.

“The PNP or whoever has custody of the accused is duty bound to produce him,” Sec. Aguirre said.

Public Attorney’s Office Chief Persida Rueda-Acosta, who provided legal assistance to the victim’s family, said she would coordinate with the PNP for the HPG man’s arrest.

Chief Acosta lamented that despite the arrest warrant issued January 12, Manon-og remained at large.

The two arrest orders issued by the Makati RTC branches 145 (for murder) and 138 (for robbery) against the accused were served to the Quezon City police district and PNP headquarters in Camp Crame.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) earlier indicted Manon-og after finding in preliminary investigation that he and the other arresting HPG officer, PO3 Jeremiah De Villa, shot Dela Riarte inside their police mobile after arresting the motorist following a traffic altercation along EDSA in Makati City.

The handcuffed victim died of multiple gunshot wounds in the chest, abdomen and right thigh.

Manon-og was also indicted for robbery after it was found that the victim had Php 30,000 in cash with him during the incident.

In a hearing in August 2016, De Villa and Manon-og denied allegations and claimed that Dela Riarte twice attempted to snatch their firearms.

However, a day after formally denying the charges against him at the DOJ, De Villa died after jumping off the roof of a building in Camp Crame.

Under criminal procedures, deceased respondents are automatically absolved of criminal liabilities.

Source: Newswatch

DOLE Urges Licensed Teachers Working Abroad To Teach In The Philippines Under Pres. Duterte


It is a sad truth that some of our licensed teachers grab the role of being a babysitter or a domestic helper just to go abroad and provide for their family. Now, they can go home and do the work they love – teaching, at the convenience of their hometown, with adequate income, without the need of working overseas.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has an appealed to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are licensed teachers to return to the Philippines and practice their profession as public school teachers under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

This is in line with the DOLE’s OFW reintegration program called “Sa ‘Pinas, Ikaw ang Ma’am/Sir,”  allowing OFWs who are Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) passers to apply and be employed by the Department of Education (DepEd) as teachers.

“We aim to provide decent and sustainable work for returning OFWs as public school teachers,” Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said.

OFWs who returned to the Philippines in the last three years and had teaching experience in the past five years will be covered by the program.

For those who have no teaching experience or those whose teaching experience was interrupted for more than past five years, they can undergo a refresher course online.

The DOLE’s National Reintegration Center for OFWs implements the program with the DepEd, Professional Regulation Commission, Commission on Higher Education, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and the Philippine Normal University.

Sec. Bello noted that the OFW reintegration program has been a good source of public school teachers for the DepEd.

“It has helped ease the country’s insufficient supply of public school teachers especially in the provinces and remote areas,” he said.

The program has reunited several OFW families as well after years of being miles apart.

DOLE Regional Director Exequiel Sarcauga confirmed that a total of 19 OFWs in Central Visayas have benefited from the program which was also designed to “reverse out migration by enhancing their skills.”

The new SPIMS beneficiaries formerly worked as teachers and household service workers (HSWs) in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Sarcauga added the beneficiaries are given Teacher 1 positions after having passed and complied with all the requirements with Salary Grade 11.

Five of the former OFWs from Cebu are now teaching in  public schools of Cebu City, Madridejos, Borbon and Lilo-an in Cebu.

In addition, 14 beneficiaries, who are residents of Bohol, are now deployed in public elementary and high schools in Dagohoy, Trinidad, Danao, Tubigon, Loay, Cortes, Lila, Carmen, President Carlos P. Garcia, Talibon and Mabini in Bohol.

For interested OFWs, you may check

Source: JBSolis

President Duterte To Provide P8.3 Billion Free Education For The Poor Filipino Students This Year


The inclusion of P8.3 Billion for free tuition in public higher education in the 2017 budget is the necessary first step in President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s election promise to help young people, particularly the poor, get university education.

This is the statement issued by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Commissioner Prospero de Vera.

Studies all over the world show that higher levels of educational attainment are strongly correlated with better employment and higher income.

Every poor Filipino student who is able to enroll in college, increases his/her chance to get employed, helps his/her family, and becomes a productive member of society.

The P8.3 Billion infusion would help close to 150,000 poor students complete their education.

The new funding will also alert more students from poor households that they can enroll in universities.

“We should not look at the P8.3 Billion additional allocation as a one-time stand-alone fund to help students in SUCs. Close to P5.75 Billion worth of scholarships and financial assistance is already imbedded in the regular CHED budget plus there is the Higher Education Development Fund (HEDF),”  said de Vera.

On top of the free tuition, students can also get the much needed stipends for their day to day needs in time for the June opening of classes.

Once the free public higher education initiative is implemented this year, we can identify any gaps and compute the additional costs of providing assistance to students.

“Then we can go back to Congress to ask for more funding to fully implement President Duterte’s commitment that no student will be barred from getting a university education on account of financial need,” added de Vera.

Source: Newswatch

Visayas, Mindanao Flood Victims To Receive P6.4 Million Aid From DSWD Under Pres. Duterte


Relief assistance worth Php 6,415,628.36 has been provided by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to families that were affected by recent flooding on Negros Island and in Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao and Caraga.

The amount is part of augmentation support of the DSWD to the affected local government units (LGUs).

A total of 58,334 families or 276,860 persons in 482 barangay (villages) in the five regions were displaced by the flooding.

Of this number, 30,794 families or 276,860 persons were reported to have been affected, with 17,237 families staying in 200 evacuation centers and the rest with relatives or friends.

Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo visited the affected regions to ensure prompt response to victims of the flooding and mitigate damages to property and infrastructure.

Sec. Taguiwalo assured the LGUs that the DSWD has adequate resources to respond to the needs of the victims.

She said the department will continue to provide assistance “even on weekends.”

As of January 20, additional relief goods had been provided to Region 10 or Northern Mindanao, which greatly suffered from heavy flooding, particularly in Misamis Oriental.

Source: The Manila Times

Classmates Never Thought The Man They Called “Hoy, Dut” Would Become The Philippine President


They never thought the classmate they called “hoy, Dut” would one day become President of the Philippines.

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III, one of President Duterte’s classmates in an all-boys high school, said their classmates did not call President Duterte by his nicknames “Digong” or “Rody” as he is now known.

“There was nothing special about him that would indicate that he would become President. We never really expected him to be President. Mayor, maybe. And he became Mayor of Davao City for a long time. But President? No one in our class ever thought he would be one. We called him ‘hoy, Dut’,” Sec. Dominguez said during the homecoming of their batch at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City.

President Duterte and Sec. Dominguez belong to the Ateneo de Davao High School Class of 1961.

However, President Duterte finished his high school education at the Cor Jesu College in Digos City. His parents transferred him there because they had enough of his mischief.

Sec. Dominguez said President Duterte made it a point to attend their annual reunion every January. But President Duterte was not able to attend the class homecoming last year as he was already busy in his campaign for the May 9 presidential elections.

During Saturday’s reunion at the Lotus Court of Marco Polo Hotel, President Duterte arrived at around 9:20 p.m. and stayed for two and a half hours.

President Duterte recounted the fight he had with his classmate Gari Tiongco, now a lawyer and construction company executive.

Source: Newswatch

Honest Baguio Taxi Driver Who Returns Luggage With P1 Million Gets Australian Scholarship


A brighter future now awaits Baguio cab driver Reggie Cabututan after he returned a luggage containing important documents, gadgets, and cash to an Australian businessman.

Last January 17, Cabututan dropped Australian businessman Trent Shields at Calle Uno in Quezon Hill, Baguio City. He was in a hurry and didn’t notice that he left his bag with approximately P1 million in the taxi.

Ace Estrada II, the President of BPO training company Vivixx Academy and Shields’ friend, narrated the incident in a Facebook post.

“How often have we read about taxi drivers in Baguio doing an honest deed and returning valuables to their rightful owners? Today, my Australian friend Trent, completely forgot about his luggage when he alighted at Calle Uno Coworking Space. It took a full thirty minutes before he realized his mistake, and all he could remember about the taxi was that ‘it was white.’ Passport, MacBook Pro, money, everything was in there! Never did I pray so hard that the news account of Baguio City’s taxi driver’s collective honesty was true. But it was! Just as we were leaving for the police station to file a report, Trent’s taxi pulled in. Never was a sight more welcome than the smiling face of this driver. What an awesome win for humanity! Mr. Reggie Cabututan, driver of Dustin Brant Taxi, you are the finest of your tribe. I have never felt more proud to be Filipino than today.”

Estrada’s post went viral with 3,787 shares and over 22,000 reactions in just two days.

The local government of Baguio also awarded a certificate of commendation to the honest taxi driver during their flag ceremony on Monday.

Just recently, the Vivixx Academy and Australia-based coding training center Coder Factory awarded a scholarship worth Php 220,000 to attend the six-month Coding Boot Camp in June 2017.

Estrada said completion of this course will guarantee Cabututan an internship with an Australian company that could lead to a job that pays a starting salary of up to P1.7 million.

According to reports, Cabututan is a native of Rosario, La Union. He travels to Baguio every day to work for his wife and four children.

Source: Newswatch

Philippine Officials To Visit China This Week To Discuss Investment Deals, ASEAN Summit


President Rodrigo Duterte is sending a cabinet-level delegation to Beijing this week to meet with China’s Vice Premier Wang Yang and other top Chinese Officials to discuss investment deals and his country’s Chairmanship of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) this year.

The January 23-24 trip by Philippine officials includes President Duterte’s finance, budget, economic, public works and transport secretaries, according to a statement from the Department of Finance on January 22, 2017.

The visit occurs three months after President Duterte visited Beijing to pave the way for what he called a new commercial alliance. He has increased his overtures to China since assuming office last year.

The Beijing mission to court China and tap loans and business follows President Duterte’s “pro-Filipino” policy.

President Duterte will make a second China visit in May for a bilateral summit, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said after meeting with him in Manila last week.

That meeting was just days after President Duterte’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Meetings during the visit will also discuss the Philippines’ Chairmanship of the 10-member ASEAN this year, the Department of Finance said in a statement, without elaborating.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay said on January 11 that he was confident a code of conduct in the South China Sea between ASEAN and China could be finished by mid-2017.

At this week’s meeting, Philippine and Chinese officials will flesh out some $15 Billion worth of investment pledges that China committed to Manila during President Duterte’s visit in October, the Department of Finance said.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi is also in China to “enhance energy cooperation” between the two countries and attract investments in local energy projects, his office said in a separate statement.

Japan’s Abe, who wants to deepen ties with President Duterte amid a changing geopolitical landscape, has pledged $9 Billion worth of investment and development aid for the Philippines.

Source: Newswatch

Majority Of The Filipinos Trust President Duterte, Based On Pulse Asia, SWS December Surveys


Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte enjoys a high level of public support nationwide.

Although far from being controversy-free, over the last six months he has begun to put flesh to the bones of his three priorities: improving law and order, making socio-economic growth more inclusive, and restructuring the form of government.

It appears that his result-oriented and hands-on approach to governance is striking a powerful chord among Filipinos. The public believes that the man who transformed Davao can replicate his results around the country.

The figures from the December surveys of Pulse Asia and SWS are consistent in showing that the public trusts the President.

SWS reports that 81 percent of its respondents said that they had ‘much trust’ in the President, as opposed to only 9 percent who say that have ‘little trust.’

Pulse Asia reports that 83 percent of its respondents expressed trust in the President, whereas 4 percent said they distrust the President.

The President’s December ratings are about par with those he received in September.

In terms of the President’s performance, Pulse Asia reports that 83 percent approve of the President's performance thus far, while only 5 percent disapprove.

SWS reports that 77 percent of its respondents said they are satisfied with President Duterte’s performance and 13 percent are dissatisfied.

Under SWS’ ratings system, President Duterte gets a ‘very good’ grade.

The President maintains his level of support across different classes, locations, sexes, age groups, and levels of education.

Among all Filipinos, Mindanaoans trust him the most; with around 90 percent (SWS) or 92 percent (Pulse Asia) saying they trust him.

The one negative mark that stands out is from classes A, B, and C nationwide, where he is down to 72 percent trust in December from 85 percent trust in September (Pulse Asia).

Source: Newswatch

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