Friday, September 30, 2016

Cebu: 1 Killed, 24 Arrested In Police Anti-drug Campaign


Separate operations against illegal drugs in Cebu City and Talisay City caused quite a stir when one was killed while 24 other alleged drug users were arrested. Rolando Secretaria was brought by the police to Cebu City Medical Center on Monday because of the gunshot wounds she obtained during Police operations but later declared dead on arrival by resident doctors.

Secretaria died on the buy and bust operations. Earlier, Police officers issued an arrest warrant to Secretaria for his involvement in illegal drug trade and possession of illegal firearms but the accused was fired during the operations.

Four of Rolando Secretaria's companions voluntarily surrendered to Ermita barangay officials just few minutes after his death. The suspects, Michael Secretaria, Gerald Flores, Daryl Abante, and Sandy Villegas also surrendered their illegal firearms.

In the same time at Talisay City, Four alleged drug pushers were also arrested in Barangay Consojong, Talisay City.

The buy and busy operation's subject was 22 year old Jason AKA "Isok" Abellana, who was caught selling illegal drugs to a police who posed as a customer.

Abellana was later arrested along with other drug pushers identified in the names of Joel Sonsona, Fernando Bucao, and Kent Atiño.

In Duljo-Fatima in Cebu City. 16 people were arrested in an operation conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the police.

Those who were arrested was identified as Liliosa Geralao who was accused of owning a drug den and was also caught selling shabu to a PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) agent who posed as a buyer.

One of those who were arrested was a 53-year-old grandfather who was identified as Romeo Laresma. Among the 24 that was arrested, police confiscated sachets of shabu and drug paraphernalia.

Source: ABS-CBN

Duterte To Reveal More Officials Link To Narcotics Trade After Vietnam Trip


About a thousand officials with suspected links to illegal drugs trade will be revealed after the two-day visit of President Rodrigo Duterte in Vietnam.

The list includes lawmakers, local executives, barangay officials and members of the judiciary.

Duterte will expose the drug list after his Vietnam trip, as part of his brutal crackdown on narcotics.

“The latest, I hope I will (reveal), Inshallah (God willing), upon my return (from Vietnam),” the president said.

“I will have one session with the media and I will read (the names). This would be again about the judges, some congressmen, mayors, there are a lot of them, barangay captains, almost all, and the police, military one or two,” he added.

Duterte has earlier revealed in his previous speeches, the third list that contains the names of about 40 judges and several Chinese individuals and barangay captains but dealing with the suspected drug personalities is up to the military and police.

More than 160 incumbent and retired local executives, lawmakers, uniformed men, judges and barangay captains had been tagged by the president in the illegal drugs trade.

Duterte has been facing a lot of criticisms for naming some suspected drug offenders and including them in the drugs list or matrix. Critics would even believed that he violate due process but he said the shame campaign was more on informing the public about the true state of the country.

Duterte, in a press conference in Arayat, Pampanga, has admitted that he could not explain the inclusion of the names of former Pangasinan governor and now fifth district Rep. Amado Espino Jr., former provincial administrator Rafael Baraan and board member Raul Sison in the list, he presented to the media last month.

This, prompted him to ask for an apology to the three individuals last Monday, for the lapses in the verification of some names in his drug matrix.

“It may be either intrigue or gossip or it was purposely done without really checking the validity (of information about their involvement to drugs),” Duterte told reporters last Monday.

“Somehow, we were negligent in counterchecking during the first report,” he said, adding that his apology to the three officials did not undermine the credibility of his drug list.

“I said it is my duty to tell the nation what’s happening but it is also my duty that if I commit wrong, I should apologize. That is the way to go in this world,” the president said.

“As a lawyer, when you make public a certain wrong against a person, you’d have effectively destroyed his reputation. So fair is fair. I have committed a lot of mistakes in my life,” he further said.

“I will not pretend that I am perfect. I have so many faults in life," he added.

Duterte, however, did not apologize for the inclusion of the names of Senator Leila de Lima, her former driver Ronnie Dayan and former justice undersecretary Francisco Baraan III in the drug matrix, as he believed that there is enough evidence linking them to illegal drugs.


Miriam Defensor-Santiago Dies At 71


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago passed away on Thursday morning, at the age of 71.

This was confirmed by her husband, lawyer Narciso "Jun" Santiago, who said that her wife died peacefully in her sleep while confined at the St. Luke's Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City. at around 8:52 a.m.

During the last stretch of her tenure as a senator, Miraim filed an indefinite leave from the Senate due to her health.

The long time senator was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in 2014 but was able to be healed a year after she undergo treatment. However, she was hospitalized last May 30 due to lung complications.

She celebrated her 71st birthday last June 15.

Miriam, being a vocal politician, was remembered as one of the most endearing figures in Philippine politics, pop culture and academia.

She was first elected senator in 1995 and two years after, Miriam was criticized when former President Fidel Ramos initiated a people's campaign for an infinite presidential term. But Miriam won in court and preserved the people's mandate for term limits.

In 2004 and 2010, she was again elected senator, where she served as chair mostly of the foreign relations committee and the constitutional amendments committee.

For some, Miriam could be among the best presidents the Philippines never had, after having ran for government's top post three times and lost.

She lost to President Rodrigo Duterte in the May elections earlier this year when she pursued her presidential bid despite doubts cast on her health.

Meanwhile, Senator Grace Poe, announced Santiago's death during a Senate hearing on the freedom of information bill, which the latter supported during her tenure.

Poe offered a moment of silence and prayer for her former colleague.

Also, President Rodrigo Duterte, who is currently in Vietnam, has already expressed his condolences to the late senator.

Source: Philippine Star

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trillanes, De Lima Seek Probe On Bilibid Riot


Two staunch critics of the Duterte administration are seeking probe on the riot at the New Bilibid Prison on Wednesday morning, which killed a high-profile inmate and injured four others.

Senate Resolution No. 174, which is seeking a House inquiry into the “apparent mismanagement and incompetence” of the national penitentiary, Bureau of Corrections, and the Philippine National Police following the riot, was filed by Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Leila De Lima on Wednesday.

Moreover, the senators want an investigation on the alleged “isolation, intimidation, maltreatment, torture, and other alleged human rights violations” perpetrated by the PNP Special Action Force inside the national penitentiary.

During the riot, Tony Co was stabbed dead after he reportedly clashed with another inmate, retired police Chief Inspector Clarence Dongail.

Dongail, who was also injured, allegedly called out Co’s group for having a pot session inside a cell at Building 14 of the Bilibid.

Also wounded from the brawl were inmates Jaybee Sebastian, Vicente Sy and Peter Co.

Sebastian was tagged by other inmates as the one collecting money for De Lima’s campaign funds during the House probe.

De Lima vehemently denied the accusations, as she insisted that Sebastian was a government asset.

Trillanes, for his part, said that they want to know what really happened inside the prison.

“Precisely to call for an investigation para malaman natin talaga ano ba nasa likod niyan at kasi maraming speculations. Let's get it directly from these people para magkaalaman na. Both sides are claiming different things,” Trillanes said.

De Lima alleged that the riot was instigated by the administration to threaten inmates who refused to testify against her in the House inquiry on the proliferation of illegal drugs at the Bilibid.

The senators questioned why the riot happened days after Sebastian refused to testify against De Lima.

Source: Rappler

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

De Lima To Duterte: Arrest Me Now


Arrest me now.

This was how Senator Leila de Lima challenged Preisdent Rodrigo Duterte, on Wednesday, as she stressed that she will not back down from the president, who has been linking her into illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary.

The former Justice secretary faced the media, following the stabbing incident triggered by a 'riot' that happened inside the New BIlibid Prison (NBP) that killed a convicted Chinese drug lord and injured three other high profile inmates.

De Lima, in a press briefing, on Wednesday, appealed to the Duterte administration to "stop this madness" as she already feels helpless.

"Tama na. Hulihin n'yo na ako ngayon kung 'yan naman talaga ang gusto n'yo. Ikulong n'yo na ako ngayon. I'm here. Do what you want to do to me, Mr. President. I'll wait for you," De Lima said.

De Lima challenged the president after the latter said that the senator is most likely to end up in jail because of the testimonies presented by NBP inmates in a house inquiry, despite the non-filing of formal charges against her.

The witnesses accused De Lima of receiving money from drug lords while she was a Justice secretary.

Aside from her alleged link to illegal drugs trade, Duterte and his allies, including House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, have also been referring to a supposed sex video that allegedly shows De Lima in bed with her former driver Ronnie Dayan.

It has yet to be decided if the video will be allowed to be shown to the members of the House Justice committee to supposedly confirm whether De Lima had a relationship with Dayan, who has also been accused of being involved in the illegal drug trade at the NBP.

Despite several issues being thrown against her, De Lima insisted that she will stay in the Philippines.

De Lima even did not listen to the advice of some of her friends to seek asylum outside the country, as she believed that she should finish the battle in the country.

"Why should I do that? I want to fight here in my country. Hindi po ako duwag dahil wala po akong kasalanan," the senator said.

"Duwag ang umaatras, hindi po si Leila de lima. Hindi po ako pinalaki ng tatay ko na maging duwag," De Lima added.

Meanwhile, De Lima said that the stabbing incident at Building 14 of the NBP is an attempt of the administration to pin her down.

"We just saw a news item quoting [House] Speaker [Pantaleon] Alvarez saying that somebody must be out to silence [Jaybee] Sebastian. Ano na naman ang mga implication nila? Kagagawan ko na naman yan? Sila ang nanggigipit sa akin. Masyado na nila akong ginigipit, inaapi," the senator said.

The senator did not believe on the occurence of the riot inside the NBP, as she argued that Building 14 of the NBP is supposed to be the most guarded facility in the country given that police Special Action Force troopers are deployed at the penitentiary.

De Lima even released text messages from a reliable source claiming that one of the injured inmates in the stabbing incident inside the NBP, is being forced to testify against her.

"In your desperation, pangulo, para siraan n'yo ako hindi n'yo na iniisip kung ano na 'yung nagiging itsura ninyo sa mata ng bayan at saka mundo. Kayo na po ang pinagtatawanan, hindi po ako. Inosente po ako," De Lima said.

De Lima called her critics "cowards, fools and liars" for staging a supposed riot inside the prison.

Source: Philippine Star

Jaybee Sebastian Will Talk Only To President Duterte


High profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian told his lawyer, Edgar Arriba, that he will speak only what he knows about the illegal drug trade to President Rodrigo Duterte.

He told his lawyer hours after the stabbing incident happened inside the NBP.

In a live interview on GMA News TV, Sebastian's lawyer said,""Napakarami niyang alam regarding the drug trade inside and outside NBP". "Ayaw niyang magsalita simply because alam niyang lalong manganganib ang buhay niya."

"Magsasalita lang ako sa presidente," Sebastian told Arriba.

Sebastian's believed that the attack was it may be related to the ongoing investigation on the illegal drug trade inside the Bilibid.

"Ang sabi niya, 'Nangyari na sa akin ngayon ang kinakatakutan ko before,'" Arriba said.

"Kung magsasalita pa siya lalong ma-expose siya sa danger, kaya magsasalita lang siya sa President," he added.

Jaybee Sebastian underwent surgery after the riot that killed Tony Co, a high profile inmate also.

Sebastian's side will request for transfer of another building after his release from the hospital.

Source: GMA

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Stabbing Incident Killed Crime Lord And Wounded Jaybee Sebastian And Others


High profile crime lord Tony Co was killed in a stabbing incident at the New Bilibid Prison. Three others were wounded also, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre told DZMM.
Peter Co is 50/50 right now in the hospital and Jaybee Sebastian is being treated right now.
Justice Secretary Aguirre said that the reason of the stabbing is not yet clear.
Source: ABS-CBN

Duterte Asks Where God Is


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is asking where God is amid the crimes and killings in the country and in the world.

Speaking before the Malacañang Press Corps Monday at the palace, Duterte said: “My God, where are you? I believe in God but it is my perpetual question to Him: where were you when we needed you?”

Duterte made this statement after he reiterated his stand on the reimposition of death penalty, as he pointed out that it didn’t worked out because the government didn’t imposed it for two reasons.

“Hindi tumalab yung death penalty noon kasi hindi in-impose. One, because of the Catholic church. Second, the bleeding hearts, because only God can kill. Ang problema niyan, I ask you, what if there is no God?” he said.

He asked where God is if a child gets raped. “So where is now God when a one year old baby, 18-months-old baby is taken from the mother's arms brought under a jeep and raped and killed. So where is God?” he said.

Furthermore, he mentioned that women and children were killed due to the bombings in Syria.

He added that women were also raped and killed there if they refused to have sex with members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

He said: “In Syria, women, women and children, and women who do not want to have sex with the ISIS, they're burned. So where is God?”

“It's not enough to say that at the end of the world, he will judge the living and the dead. What would be the purpose of all of that if the heartaches, sorrows and agony have already been inflicted in this world,” Duterte added.

Earlier, Duterte also cursed Pope Francis during the latter’s visit in Manila in January last year.

He slammed the pope for causing heavy traffic, though, he already asked for an apology for the incident.

Source: GMA

Monday, September 26, 2016

Duterte's Political Strategy Will Be The Key For Peace Talks


The never ending peace talks between the current government and communist rebels is about the President Rodrigo Duterte's political beliefs and relationship with the left, a government peace panel said.

Hernani Braganza said that the gains in the peace talks under the Duterte government in its first 100 days would have taken around three years if we had chosen a different administration. Duterte's administration acts the promises he made during the campaign for the presidential seat.

“The success of any peace talks depends on the sitting president. What we have achieved today, maybe we can achieve in less than three years under one president,” Braganza said.

The personal relationship of Duterte with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), even before his term as Davao mayor was already a big factor in building trust and confidence but be warned that the talks can be marred by internal political squabbles if not addressed immediately, Braganza also explained.

“This is the first time na nagkaroon ng mabilis na formal talks because our mandate is to settle this through a formal political settlement and by doing that, you avoid violence in the process,” Braganza added.

The current government and the NDFP agreed to make amends their separate unilateral ceasefire declarations into a single unified bilateral ceasefire during their talks in Oslo, Norway last month.

Even if he thinks that the left has not really fully abandoned armed struggle, the peace talks are slowly showing an output for political settlement.

“I don’t think they (NDFP) have abandoned the armed struggle but the mere fact that they’re giving importance to the peace process, to settle this politically across the table at hindi tayo nagbabarilan, by itself, I do think it’s a shift,” he said.

The two parties also agreed to reconsider previous agreements and reconstitute the list of political consultants immune from arrest.

He was also asked about the issue of general amnesty, Braganza only said such a declaration would benefit both parties.

"An amnesty declaration of the president approved by Congress would not only benefit the left, it would also benefit the armed men on the government side who have been charged," Braganza said.

The peace talks will be finished within a year since talks began last month, Braganza explained. And the reforms in both sides agreed that it can be initially be implemented before the mid-term elections in 2019.

He also explained that more than the peace talks, the government should look into social and economic reforms which are the ultimate end of the settlement.

“They have to build on these reforms but finished or not finished, the reforms of the Duterte administration will continue,” he said.

The negotiation between the government peace panel and the communist rebels is scheduled to resume on October 6.

Source: ABS-CBN

Cayetano vs Trillanes, New Word War Over Matobato


Current Senators, Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV repeated their heated word war at the Senate when they traded insults on Monday with the later saying he would not retreat from a former friend. The said word war happened after Cayetano questioned Trillanes right after his privilege speech in defense of the credibility of Senate witness Edgar Motabato.

Both Senators accused each other of saying statements that aren't really that true and of trying to get away from heated discussion according to a report on 24 Oras by Jam Sisante.

"I bring up the doctrine or the concept of half-truths because this is what criminals use and this is what people na naninira or people who want to destroy the credibility of others use," Cayetano said.

"I would rather concede and accept the argument of the senator because apparently he may be following the doctrine of it takes one to know one," Trillanes responded.

During Trillanes' privilege speech intended for the integrity of Matobato who was accused by the President Rodrigo Duterte of being against the killings of many mistook for the so-called Davao Death Squad when Duterte was still the Mayor of Davao City.

Trillanes defended Matobato saying that his statements was consistent, different from what Cayetano would describe, a loyal political ally of the President.

"I asked that he be interpellated kung tatakbo siya, ayaw na niya magpainterpellate that's his call," Cayetano then said.

"If the gentleman keeps on saying that i would want to run away, if you will recall when I sat beside him during the hearing he was the one who ran away," Trillanes responded.

Trillanes in a hearing of the Senate Committee on Justice two weeks ago where he supposedly told Cayetano, "Hindi kita papo-pormahin."Trillanes said while Cayetano was in the middle of questioning Matobato.

Annoyed by Trillanes, Cayetano moved one seat away from his party mate in the Nationalista Party.

"Sabi niya sa akin pa-Bibile-Bible ka pa evil naman yung pinoprotektahan mo. But for the record anytime anywhere, hindi kita nun aatrasan e," Cayetano said.


Ombudsman: "No Factual Findings Yet To Begin De Lima Probe"


Monday during a episode of "Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie" the Ombudsman of the Philippines, Conchita Carpio-Morales told host and economist Solita Monsod that if there are legit leads, an immediate investigation will be conducted against the current Senator Leila De Lima who is allegedly accused of being involved in the illegal drug trade during Aquino administration.

Later, Conchita Carpio Morales added that there was no present basis to start a probe on De Lima" Walang pang firm na charges. We cannot be groping in the dark. Hindi naman pwede kaming kakapa-kapa kung walang leads. Tignan namin as the case develops,"

The Ombudsman said referring to the lack of leads to be made by the Duterte Administration against De Lima who have been accused of covering big drug lords in bilibid and being involved in the illegal narcotic trade.

She also cited that newspaper reports are not enough to trigger investigations, in other words mere rumors cannot start a case against De Lima. "Headlines 'yan. Iba naman ang headlines sa factual findings."

Morales explained to the media about not having hard evidences against De Lima to file a case against her. " When there is enough leads, the intention is always there. In fact, we are obliged to investigate cases which are within the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman."

She also specifically emphasized and cited that her work had nothing to do with political affiliations ,political friends or political interests and that she was in no way taking sides to any parties involved in the heated media sprawl by the President and the Senator.

When reporters asked what she thought about the Senator who is now facing multiple accusations because of the witnesses that are now slowly appearing in the media, Conchita Carpio Morales or the Ombudsman just commented that it was none from her knowledge.

Source: GMA

Duterte To Include Maritime Cooperation In Vietnam visit.


Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled for a meeting with his counterpart during his visit in Vietnam on September 28 to 29, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs that announced the President's visit to Vietnam on Monday.

Charles Jose, a DFA Spokesperson said that the President is already scheduled to meet with Vietnam President Trần Đại Quang while in Hanoi and to also pay a courtesy call to the country's top leaders.

"It is expected that the President and the Vietnamese leaders will discuss various areas of bilateral exchanges, including maritime cooperation, enhancement of law enforcement and defense cooperation, increasing two-way trade and investments, centering of cultural activities, as well as heightened exchanges in agriculture and fisheries," he stated in one of his press conference in Malacañang.

"The leaders are expected to exchange views of regional and international issues," he added.

"Duterte is ready," Jose said later that day, Just in case the Philippines' Maritime misunderstanding with China is brought up in the meeting, Vietnam is also one of the country's who claims that the South China Sea is theirs.

"President is prepared to discuss south china sea issue. If ever it will be discussed, it will be in the context of emphasizing peace and stability in the region, reaffirming our commitment to rule of law, and to continue working with ASEAN for early conclusion of legally binding code of conduct," he said.

Filipinos from different parts of Vietnam have are also scheduled to fly to the capital to meet with the Filipino president. Some 3,800 Filipinos are in Vietnam.

Jose also cited that this year marks the 40th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar earlier said Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez will be the one to accompany Duterte during the working visit, while Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea will be in charge of the country during Duterte's trip abroad.

Source: ABS-CBN

Nenita Daganan, A "Yolanda Survivor" Still Lives In A Tarpaulin Roof


Three years after the devastating effect that the Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), another survivor of the tragic Typhoon, Nenita Dagandan still lives under a makeshift tarpaulin roof.

(Photo Credits: ABS-CBN)
What she called her home was a makeshift shelter made out of wood and other materials from what is left of Typhoon Yolanda. The destruction that left by the Typhoon was a big help for her in making her home. "We just patch the leaks in the roof. We cannot afford roofing sheets yet." She added.

Nenita added that their family's income is just enough for food and other daily needs and that they never gained enough for shelter even so, they didn't get any aid from the government during the Aquino administration.

"It’s unfair because not everyone was given. We should have received the aid," she said.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) declared that they already have received multiple complaints about the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) distribution.

Judy Taguiwalo, DSWD Secretary said that they are gathering the complaints from Typhoon victims that didn't received any aid from the government during the Typhoon Yolanda.

Taguiwalo also added that she will be checking the remaining funds from Yolanda donations and will see if it will be enough to be distributed to the victims who have not yet received ESA

“So long as they can provide documentation and proof that they were victims but they were not able to receive any assistance, we will try to find a way to give them the assistance that they deserve,” she said.

Some projects were not completed even if the money was distributed to the local government unite, initial investigation shows.

“Money was downloaded by the department to the local government unit. When our team visited the site, there was actually no housing project,” Taguiwalo said.

Source: ABS-CBN

Plans To Visit Ph, Guaranteed by UN Rights Expert


A reporter of United Nations rights told AFP on Monday that she had a schedule to visit the Philippines to investigate Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte's bloody campaign on war and drugs while seeking security affirmation for people she planned to speak with.

Just last week Duterte stated that he would only allow UN and EU experts to investigate into the thousands of killings since he took over the government on June 30,2016 and he also challenged them to face him publically into one of his debates.

Currently, the government has not yet to issue formal invitations, The UN reporter on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions who is named Agnes Callamard, declared she would solicit one.

"I welcome the reports recently (conveyed) through the media that the president and government of the Philippines will invite a UN mission to investigate the alleged extrajudicial executions," Callamard said in an email statement sent to AFP.

Callamard stated that she would insist on a range of measures to ensure that those who spoke with her did not face retribution.

"The date and scope of the fact-finding mission will be discussed and negotiated with the government, along with essential guarantees," she added.

Those would include "my freedom of movement and freedom of inquiry, and the assurance that those who cooperate with me will not be the object of retaliation, such as intimidation, threats, harassment or punishment," she added.

In May, Duterte won the presidential election in a landslide after he promised to put 100,000 criminals in bars as part of a campaign against illegal drugs

More than 3,300 people have been killed since Duterte took office, according to police reports.

Duterte recently urged police and even civilians to kill drug addicts as well as traffickers, and vowed to protect lawmen from prosecution.

However he has also insisted that he has not encouraged anything illegal but under the due process of the law.

According to the police, they shot dead about a third of the people killed so far in self defense, while the others were victims of intra-gang wars.

But rights groups contradicted police officials that are conducting extrajudicial killings and unleashing hired assassins, and that people with no links to the drug trade are being murdered as the rule of law crumbles.

The United Nations, the European Union, the United States and international human rights groups have all hated the killings.

Duterte has insisted he must continue his bloody fight to stop the Philippines from becoming a narco state.

Source: ABS-CBN

Duterte To Matobato "None Of My Children Went To Ateneo!"


Philippines's President, Rodrigo Duterte is starting to doubt the credibility of Senate witness Edgar Matobato who claimed to be a part of Duterte's hitman in Davao City on Monday.

During a conference with the Palace Press groups, Duterte denied that his son, incumbent Davao City Vice Mayo Paolo Duterte, have went to the Ateneo De Davao University.

Matobato also claimed that he was once Paolo’s bodyguard.

"So iyang sinasabi ni [Senator Leila] De Lima, I was not even—I was a fiscal at that time and a vice mayor. Ang sabi ko, masasaktan lang ang anak mo, kahit sabihin niya si Paolo, iyong vice mayor ngayon na abusado ganoon, but he was the guard of Paolo from Grade 1 to when he was fourth year sa Ateneo. Paolo never studied in Ateneo because the Philippine Women’s [College] is just about one block away, two blocks away from our home,” Duterte explained.

“Wala sa mga anak ko o ang lahat ng diyan sila ‘nong ano na, San Beda lahat iyan including the youngest [Sebastian Duterte],” he then added.

Duterte then cited the inconsistencies in Matobato’s testimony before the Senate Committee of Justice and Human Rights hearing.

“When you are fed with these lies, ang sabi diyan na he was there when he was a CAFGU [Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit], he was a CHDF. My God, CHDF was abolished when [late President] Cory Aquino won because they were supplanted with a—iyong Civilian Home Defense Force or CHDF—they were supplanted with CAFGU,” Duterte added still doubting the senate witness.

Duterte denied that he personally knew Matobato, but he revealed that he was aware De Lima would unleash the supposed Davao Death Squad member against him.

“Ngayon, ito si De Lima, once we investigate it. She’s diverting the issue. Eh puro kalokohan… Maniwala ka kay Matobato,” Duterte added.

Source: GMA

Aguirre: EWS DOJ Execs, Employees To Undergo Random Drug Tests


Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, called a part of the agency's efforts to aid President Rodrigo Duterte's war on illegal narcotics by calling a random drug tests to all officials and employees of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

During the Department of Justice (DOJ'S) 119th anniversary celebration, Aguirre called out employees of the DOJ for their cooperation. "We cannot prosecute if we ourselves are tainted by the very drugs we seek to eradicate"

"This is part of our efforts to support the President’s war on drugs. We cannot clean the houses of our countrymen, if our own house is not clean and not in order," Aguirre said. "Only by clean hands and souls can we rightfully prosecute others." He added.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been garnering criticisms for his anti-drug war campaign, specifically of the unexplained killings or extra judicial killings of suspected drug personalities since he seated at the presidential seat last June 30.

During the weekend, Perfecto Yasay, Foreign Affairs Secretary claimed to the world in one of his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York to not interfere in the Philippines anti-drug war even the President invited the UN and the European Union to probe the bloody war.

Earlier, Aguirre stated that the government's war on illegal drugs was a success.

700,000 drug users and pusher who have surrendered was noted by a Cabinet official, the arrest of drug dealers and the downward trend in the crime rate.

Source: GMA 

Duterte Denies Wanting De Lima


Currently, President Rodrigo Duterte choose his words more carefully for Senator Leila De Lima who earlier wondered publicly if the President of the Philippines who was poking fun at her love interests was interested in her romantically because he never stopped to threaten her legally.

"Susmaryosep. Alam mo every time I view the video, I lose my appetite. Nawawala ang gana ko sa kanya," Duterte retorted in an apparent reference to her supposed sex video.

Regarding De Lima's plead that the President should stop harassing her, Duterte responded that the former secretary of Justice and chair of the Commission on Human Rights, " Should be worried."

"Those are serious charges. She should not adopt a nonchalant attitude about all of these things. Kasi I said she opened the portals of narco-politics to take hold in the national level. There will never be an honest election," Duterte said in a media conference.

President Rodrigo Duterte then added that their is similarities to our country's current drug situation to the scenarios described in the books " The Cartel by Don Winslow and Gangster Warlords" by loan Grillo.

"You read the cartel, it’s online you can buy it. Ioan Grillo’s another one and you would recoil in horror because it is exactly what we are experiencing today," Duterte said.

Going back to De Lima's claim that he could be attracted to her, Duterte responded, "Ang magkaron ng gusto sa kanya ‘yung mga, hindi man ako guwardiya, hindi man rin ako motorcycle cop. Hindi rin ako convict."

Duterte has accused in the past that De Lima had romantic relationships with a bodyguard and a motorcycle security escort.

The recent House inquiry on the proliferation of drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison already had one witness testifying that De Lima and a convict spent time together at his kubol or special cell

Source: GMA

Duterte Reminds To Ban Smoking In Public Areas


On the verge of finishing his war with drugs, graft and crime. Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte reminded the public about his plans for the country about banning smoking in public areas just like in Davao City, he repeated last Monday.

During one of his speeches delivered in the awarding of child-friendly municipalities and the signing of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Centenarians Act of 2016,

In a speech delivered during the awarding of child-friendly municipalities and the signing of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Centenarians Act of 2016, Duterte repeated that he has Buerger's disease or Thromboangiitis obliterans , a condition related with using too much Tobacco products which opted the President to ban Smoking.

"Smoking, Buerger’s disease: that’s why walang smoking zone—balang araw buong Pilipinas na ‘to. I will not allow smoking because you pass cancer to the people who do not want it," the president explained, meaning that he doesn't want other people who are innocent to the dangers of smoking to get sick while just inhaling its smoke.

Duterte first introduced the banning of smoking in public areas during his May 9 elections, when he also added to implement a no-smoking policy all over the country as as a liquor ban in public areas much more just along the streets.

In Davao City, Smoking is entirely banned in both open and enclosed public areas. Establishments are allowed to have smoking areas as long as it is an outdoor space with no permanent or temporary roof or walls.

The output of Duterte's campaign in Davao City gained positive results and Davao was recognized by the World Health Organization(WHO) as a pioneer leading example in enforcing a no-smoking policy in the Philippines.

Duterte also added a suggestion saying that same rules will be applied nationwide once the Congress passes the law.

Source: GMA

Marcelino Contacted De Lima After Manila Raid, According To PNP Lawyer


Senator Leila De Lima and other two ranking police and military officials was called by Marine officer Lieutenant Colonel Ferdinand Marcelino for trying to wash their hands away from potential drug charge according to Atty. Enrico Rigo, Legal Division Chief of the Police's Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (PNP-AIDG) on Monday.

It's unfair for Marcelino to accuse the police of planting evidence to link him in the PHP.380-million worth of shabu seized in a drug raid in Manila early this year, Rigor said.

“How can you ‘plant’ P380-million worth of drugs?,” Rigor asked the media.

He explained that when the police found Marcelino and his Chinese friend Yan Yi Shou in the house at Felix Huertas Road in Manila, former Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) intelligence officer tried to contact several people to prove that he was the authority in that area where he was caught.

Marcelino claimed that he was working undercover to confirm the existence of a drug laboratory when he and Yan were arrested by the police.

Rigor said that Marcelino also contacted former head of Intelligence Service of the military and now the Army chief, Major General Eduardo Año and PDEA Director Randy Pedroso.

“We gave him time to produce the Coplan (Case Operations Plan) which will validate his claim that he was authorized to do undercover work,” Rigor said but cited what Marcelino failed to do so.

Juan Pedro Navera, a Senior Assistant Prosecutor added that until as of now, Marcelino has not made a Coplan to prove his presence in the are in Manila where the PHP.380-million worth of drugs were recovered.

Marcelino and Yan are currently facing a case for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act before the Manila Regional Trial Court.

On Monday’s hearing, the Manila Court ordered the prosecution to comment on the several motions filed by Marcelino through the Public Attorneys Office (PAO).

Navera declared that actions of PAO is not consistent because despite filing of various motions seeking the dismissal of the case against Marcelino and Yan, the public lawyer is still questioning the jurisdiction of the Manila Court to handle the case.

“The fact that they are filing these motions are highly contradictory to their (PAO) claim that the court has no jurisdiction [to handle the case],” Navera said at one of the press conferences.

He added that the resolution of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court is allowing Marcelino to post bail has no bearing to the present case.

“We are not bound by the resolution of the (Quezon City RTC). We argued that even the QCRTC itself self that this is subject to additional evidence na makikita ng DOJ…The QC Court is mindful of its limits,” Navera said.

10 days to comment on the motions filed by Marcelino was the only allotted time given by the Manila Court.

Source: Inquirer

Duterte: "Salary Increase For Military And Police"


President Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to declare another increase in salary for the military and police, beside from the continuation of Executive Order (EO) 201 which implemented and have already increased government salaries starting this year.
(Photo Credits: )
Appropriations Committee Chair Karlo Nograles declared this on the 1st day of plenary deliberations of the 2017 budget at the Lower House.

While the government is implementing the 1st tranche of EO 201 which already increased the salaries of government employees.

However, Nograles added that aside from continuing EO 201, the executive is set to submit to Congress a joint resolution that will amend the previous salary standardization laws and supplant EO 201.

Rolando Tinio, ACT-Teachers party-list representative, introduced that over PHP.103 billion of the supposingly budget is distributed for compensation adjustment.PHP.63.24 billion for all employees, and an additional PHP.39.5 billion for military and police personnel.

"Magkano ba ang maasahan nilang (police and military) increase? I think dapat lang po na mashare eh magandang balita ito para sa pulis at militar para ipaalam na natin magkano." Tinio asked.

Nograles explained that the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is in close coordination with President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the topic about salary adjustments.

"I believe we must allow the president the prerogative to make the announcement in terms of how much military and personnel will receive depending on their rank but this P39.59 billion is under the miscellaneous personal benefits fund (MPBF). It will be the DBM who will be disbursing it," Nograles added.

He also said that he has assurances from the DBM that by the year 2017, salary adjustments will be immediately released to the Department of National Defense, Department of Interior and Local Government, and the Philippine National Police and other agencies.

"Let's wait for the president to make the announcement and what sort of scheme in the distribution we will be following. In fact, that will also be part of what will be submitted for consideration of Congress under a joint resolution," Nograles added.

The law will only have its' effect if it is approved by both houses of the Congress by a joint resolution. Nograles countered back that the budget allocations for the year 2017 to Tinio, saying that the PHP.63.24 billion allocated for compensation adjustment is for the continuation of EO 201.

He also said that out of the PHP.63.24 billion, P51 billion is for the 1,090,375 civilian positions while PHP12.34 billion is for the 359, 083 military and other uniformed personnel. A total of 1,448 458 positions in government are expected to benefit from the PHP.63.24 billion allocation.

But Nograles also said that a proposed joint resolution will soon be submitted by the executive.

"As I understand it, the executive branch is helping the legislative branch to come up with a joint resolution to act as our legal cover and basis for providing this additional salaries to the civilian and military and uniformed personnel," he said.

Tinio then explained that government employees, specifically public school teachers, were not satisfied.

"Sa kaso ng ordinaryong employees, usually pumapatak lang sa P500 a month gross pa yun ang magiging increase nila," Tinio added.

Tinio later pointed out that P39.6 billion of the MPBF under the special purpose funds of the president is distributed for a separate salary adjustment for the military and police personnel which was confirmed by Nograles.

President Duterte has been very keen in increasing the salaries of the military and police as part of his campaign promises.
Source: ABS-CBN

De Lima To Duterte: "May Gusto Po Ba Kayo Sa Akin?"


On Monday, Senator Leila de Lima announced to the public personally aiming at President Rodrigo Duterte to put an end with his haunt to undress her sins to the public after the chief executive's latest speculations against her.

"Our President is again going ballistic. Naawa na po ako sa ating Pangulo kaya patawarin na lang siya ng mahal na Diyos sa kanyang pinaggagagawa." De Lima told the media.

"Suddenly, he's now -- for me, he's now the lowest, vilest man in the country sa sobrang kabastusan na niya that's why, God forgive him." De Lima added.

"Naawa na po ako sa inyo mahal na Pangulo, tigilan na ninyo ako. Ano po ang gusto ninyo sa akin? May gusto po ba kayo sa akin?" De Lima joked.

During at the oath-taking of officers of the Malacañang Press Corps, Duterte accused De Lima yet again for claiming that inmate Jaybee Sebastian was a government asset.

“Was it a sexual asset or for information?” Duterte added.

Duterte also mentioned in one of his statement that he was sure that Senator Leila De Lima, who is currently facing legislative probe on her accusations by not only the President but several other witnesses on her involvement in illegal drug trade in the new bilibid prison will already go to jail and face sentence.

"Itong si De Lima makukulong to, on a national case. Who brought in the narcopolitics? It is here already. You elected a senator who was into narcopolitics. Who was being financed from the inside. 'Wag na sana sa labas. From the convict inside the prison, this senator, and won. What do you call that?" the President said.

"I do not ordinarily nagpapahiya pero si De Lima she screwed her driver and she screwed the nation. Gusto n'ya ko idamay," Duterte added, noting the senator's effort of using self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato in a Senate hearing.

De Lima said she was no longer surprised Duterte would say such a thing, saying the President “really wants me out.” She earlier said that Duterte wants her kicked out of the Senate much more in the government.
Source: GMA

Finding The True Happiness In Your Life

As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a P1,000 or a P100 watch - they both tell the same time. Whether we carry a P1,000 or a P100 wallet/handbag - the amount of money inside is the same. Whether we drink a bottle of P1,000 or P100 wine - the hangover is the same. Whether the house we live in is 100 or 1,000 sq. ft. - loneliness is the same.

You will realize, your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

Therefore, I hope you realize, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, who you chat with, laugh with, talk with, have sung songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth - That is true happiness!!


1. Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of things not the price.

2: Best awarded words: "Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food."

3: The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he or she will find one reason to hold on.

4: There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Only a few really understand it.

5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage!

6: If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together!


1. Sunlight

2. Rest

3. Exercise

4. Diet

5. Self Confidence

6. Friends

Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy a healthy life.

The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

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Philippines To United Nations "Do Not Interfere With PH War On Drugs"


Philippines Foreign Minister, Perfecto Yasay told the United Nations last Saturday that the Philippine's new president, Rodrigo Duterte's revolutionary war on drugs should not be interfered by the world and his fight with crime.

During the annual U.N General Assembly, Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay declared that Duterte administration is determined to free the Philippines from corrupt and other stagnating practices, including the manufacture, distribution and use of illicit drugs.

"Our actions, however, have grabbed both the national headlines and international attention for all the wrong reasons," he stated.

"We urge everyone to allow us to deal with our domestic challenges in order to achieve our national goals without undue interference."

Duterte already won a landslide election victory on May 9 after promising to the public to wipe out drugs and crime. Police noted that this week and in the past 11 weeks, nearly 3,000 people had been killed in Duterte's war on drugs, a figure adjusted from the 3,800 they cited last week.

The killings have gained international criticism, including from the United Nations, the output of the killings made an angry responses from Duterte.

Thursday, the Philippine president gained insults at U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the European Union, then he invited them to investigate his campaign on drugs.

Yasay stated that Duterte had won "an unprecedented and resounding electoral mandate" and now has a 92 percent approval rating. As such, he delivered a secret call for "change,"

"To him, this trust is sacrosanct," Yasay said. "It cannot be breached, under no circumstance must it be compromised."

By not following high profiled organizations and his insults of anyone from U.S. President Barack Obama to the pope have amused many Filipinos and gained several approval but worried foreign governments -specifically the United States, which sees Manila as a ally in Asia in the face of a rising China.

Some analysts predict Duterte will seek to diversify foreign relations beyond Washington, including by seeking better ties with China.

Yasay added core values that growed in the Philippine constitution included the mandate "to pursue an independent foreign policy, to promote the national interest."

At the same time, he said Manila would still be "a responsible partner of the international community," committed to the rule of law - including an international court ruling this year in favor of the Philippines and against China over competing claims in the South China Sea.

In spite of Duterte's criticisms of the world body, Yasay said the United Nations had demonstrated "continuing resilience and relevance" and added in apparent reference to the U.S. alliance:

"Our domestic concerns compel us to partner with like-minded countries in the areas of maritime security, counter-terrorism, disaster response, and transnational crime."

Source: ABS-CBN

De Lima Will Surely Go To Jail, Duterte Says


President Rodrigo Duterte is very confident that Senator Leila de Lima, his number one critic, will surely go to jail.
“Makukulong talaga iyan, sigurado yan, because of the testimonial evidence,” Duterte said.
De Lima was accused by Duterte on allowing the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison during her term as Justice Secretary in Aquino administration.
President Duterte also scolded the voters of De Lima who won as senator last election.
“You elected a senator, kayong mga Pilipino, who was into narco-politics, who was being financed from the inside… [by] the convicts inside the prison,” he said.
Recently, NBI officials and high profile inmates like Herbert Colangco in the Bilibid testified against then-justice secretary De Lima.
The accusation of other inmates is that De Lima received drug money as "payola" and was used to her political campaign.
De Lima also claimed that Jaybee Sebastian was a government asset who gave information to then-justice De Lima.
Duterte is not convinced that Sebastian is an asset.
“Why would you have an asset such as Jaybee Sebastian? Do you not trust the NBI, the military men?” he said.
Source: ABS-CBN

PNP Chief Director Dela Rosa Says To Drug War Detractors To Offer Help, Not Criticism


On Monday, September 26, 2016: MANILA - Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa faced criticisms on the government's drive to rehabilitate thousands of drug suspects who are surrendering to authorities amidst the brutal war on narcotics.

He admitted the fact that there is a shortage of facilities to accommodate some 700,000 reforming drug suspects and he also stressed that the government cannot suspend its crackdown on drugs.

He added that doing so will only benefit drug kingpins and trigger a renewed rise of crime figures. "Dadami na naman ang krimen, dadami na naman ang mamamatay, dadami na naman ang mare-rape. At pinakaimportante doon, tuwang tuwa na naman iyung mayayamang drug lord dahil tuloy ang negosyo nila," he told reporters at Camp Crame.

[Crimes will just increase again, more people will be killed, more people will be raped. And most importantly, rich drug lords will celebrate because their business can resume.]

PNP Chief Director Bato is calling on critics to offer concrete aid instead of digging into the government's shortcomings. To the Filipinos criticizing the actions of President Duterte against drugs, He is pleading to please help them instead of criticizing them. He quoted, “We are all the same, we are Filipinos, we want a community that is safe for everyone. Let us help each other,".

Dela Rosa also noted that some business groups have contributed funds for the construction of additional drug rehabilitation centers.

Anyhow, the government and the country itself will benefit from every action or every reform that the President is doing in connection to his fight against drugs. Ever since Election Day, He has promised that he will wipe out drugs in the country. With all due respect, let us allow the President to take actions. Instead of criticizing, let us look into ways to help him reach his goal for our country.

Source: ABS-CBN

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Aguirre To Bring Inmate Jaybee Sebastian To House Panel Hearing


On Sunday, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre I confirmed that convicted drug lord Jaybee Sebastian would attend the next hearing regarding the proliferation of illegal drug trade inside the New Blibid Prison on October 5, 2016.

Over a radio inteview with dzBB, Secretary Aguirre said that he is required to bring Sebastian to Congress as a compulsory process and there's no subpoena issued against the inmate.

“Compulsary process iyon e. Actually hindi subpoena e. Ako ang nire-require as head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) kaya parang kasi suspended ang political rights ng ilang prisoners eh so wala silang karapatan na tanggihan ang mga iyon," Aguirre said over a radio interview with dzBB.

Recently, Senator Leila de Lima claimed that Jaybee Sebastian was a government asset under the Aquino administration inside the Bilibid who provided the information of drug transactions inside. The information leads to a raid where drugs and other illegal items were seized from the inmates.

This is also the reason why Jaybee Sebastian was not transferred to National Bureau of Investigations together with the Bilibid 19 because he might get killed in there and not because he (Jaybee) was favored.

Aguirre said that the House probe into the alleged NBP drug trade was rescheduled to October 5 because he was asked by President Rodrigo Duterte to accompany him to Vietnam from September 27 to 30.

Source: Philstar

Trillanes To Present Validated Evidence To Confirm Matobato's Claim


The testimony of self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato will be confirmed thru the help of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who said on Sunday that he will bring verifiable evidence to prove the claims of the witness.

"Definitely, people will see Mr. Matobato in a new light. Instead of trying to punch holes in his testimony, we did the investigative work of checking his claims and we found out that these were true," Trillanes said.

Senator Trillanes is confident and believes that Edgar Matobato's statement has been consistent from the start in contradictory to what Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is saying that the witness claims were inconsistent.

"Senator Cayetano is only saying that he (Matobato) changed his statement but if you look at the transcript of the Senate, he (Matobato) has been consistent with the major revelations," Trillanes said, adding that no human being has perfect memory.

Source: ABS-CBN

Creighton Bluejays' Coach McDermott To Kobe Paras: 'Versatile, scoring wing forward'


Kobe Paras was rated on his high school games as a three-star prospect by Rivals, ESPN and 247Sports. He was ranked by Scout as a four-star prospect as he averaged 15 points per game as a junior in Cathedral High School in Los Angeles. Paras spent his last season as a senior at a club level in Middlebrooks Academy.

After a controversy that Paras was not admitted to UCLA, he confirmed last July that he signed to Creighton University. Kobe was attracted to the sincerity of coach Greg McDermott and the brotherhood within the team.

“That’s why it felt like home,” Kobe said a phone interview.

Creighton Bluejays coach Greg McDermott found Kobe Paras as a versatile player. He can certainly slash and attack the rim and finish it either layup or a rim-rattling jam.

“Kobe is a versatile, scoring wing-forward,” CU coach Greg McDermott said. “He’s extremely athletic and has good natural instincts for the game of basketball.”

Paras high school coach William Middlebrooks added that Kobe's not just good in attacking the rim, he extended his ability as a shooter in the range and committed in playing elite defense.

“He’s going to have to deal with the change of speed, the physicality of college basketball, and the length of the season,” coach Middlebrooks said. “You only figure that out as you go through it.”
Paras knows he’ll have plenty to learn. And it won’t be easy.

Living away from family helped Kobe Paras to become mature. The 19-year old Paras set aside the emotions and the frustrations, committing only in pursuing his dream.

“This isn’t something you can mess up and have it happen again,” Paras said. “It’s, ‘Do you want to be the best or not?’ ”

CCTV Footage: Kotse Ninakawan Habang Traffic


Please keep your car windows closed and your doors locked whenever you pass by C5 flyover. This dashcam video was captured around 7:30pm along C5 northbound flyover from 32nd St BGC. Please be aware of the snatching incidents along C5, pero pati C5 flyover meron na din.

Please SHARE the video to spread awareness to others.

Video credit to Xy-Za Bidaure Dagum

Andre Paras Version Of Drop Step And Dunk With A Twist


Hindi papatalo ang nakakatandang kapatid ni Kobe Paras na si Andre' pag dating sa basketball. Nung nakaraan ay gumawa ng video si Kobe Paras ng kanyang drop step and dunk with a twist at pinost ito sa social media.

Ngayon naman, inyong makikita ang version ni Andre. Panoorin ang video sa ibaba.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Read: 55 Accomplishment Of President Duterte Did In Less Than 3 Months


President Rodrigo Duterte is not that typical politician as Filipinos always looking for. He is not fond of promising accomplishments to the citizen of his country but he do it instead. On his speeches, you noticed that he is always include " I will do it".

You will feel that he's sincere and true to his words. As a result of that, read the list of accomplishment of President Duterte.

1. The indefinite ceasefire between the MNLF, MILF, CPP NDF and the government (held in Norway)
2. The centraliZed complaint and action hotlines - 911 and 8888
3. The one stop shop for OFW in POEA which is way better than before
4. The opening of the DAR gates which were closed for 18 years
5. The distribution of the long overdue Hacienda Luisita to the farmers
6. The distribution of the agricultural equipmentS that were purchased by the previous government but weren't distributed for some political reasons
7. The immediate repatriation of stranded OFWs in Saudi Arabia (which if I remember it right, one Kuya was crying when he finally touched base simply because he could now be reunited with his loved ones because those who were sent by the previous government only visited them to have some selfies with them.)
8. The laglag bala at the airport has finally stopped right after PRRD took office. I personally experienced that worry free moment and noticed that no more luggages are plastic wrapped.
9. The services in the government agencies are much faster and employees have started to treat the people with some respect and even with a smile. The transactions are much better these days.
10. The legit balikbayan boxes are no longer mishandled.
11. The irrigation projects for the farmers have already started nationwide.
12. The almost 700,000 surrenderees who have promised to change their lives.
13. The removal of processing fee on travel tax exemption
14. The resubmission of the 2,000 pesos SSS pension bill
15. The much empowered servicemen who are now willing to serve the country with pride and higher self esteem
16. The servicemen's one in a million dinner opportunity at Malacanang
17. The rounds in all of the defense camps to see what each station needs so that they can give better service to the country
18. The shutdown/closure of some mining companies that destroy the country's natural resources
19. The removal of the fishing pens in the Laguna Lake to give other small fishermen a fair chance to use it for their livelihood
20. The new buses from the airport to many major hubs in nearby cities
21. The one sack rice added to 4Ps cash assistance to our less fortunate fellowmen
22. The salary increase of the servicemen which is bound to happen any moment soon - and the soon to be state of the art equipped hospital for them.
23. The hastened benefits claiming of the family of our fallen men
24. The increased allowance of our olympics delegates
25. The immediate signing of Freedom of Information
26. The exposés against local executives, police generals, judges and other top officials in government
27.The now better looking cleaner Baclaran, Divisoria and other public places
28. The employment increase and unemployment decrease
29. The exposés against olligarchs who have been evading to pay taxes
30. The lower street crimes because most of the nutters who are more likely to commit the crimes have already surrendered and therefore identified
31. The Mindanao peace process that has resumed again in Malaysia
32. The bilateral talks with China over the WPS dispute
33. The launch of Oplan Tokhang which has more positive results
34. The cooperation and openness of fenced elite subdivisions for Oplan Tokhang as they show support to the war on drugs campaign
35. The billions worth of drugs seized in the operation
36. The closure of so many drug labs all over the country, including the floating shabu laboratories operated by Chinese drug lords
37. The more regulated and SAF manned BUCOR
38. The no VIP treatment for government officials in airports
39. The ongoing improvements of MRT/LRT service and other major thoroughfares
40. The customs installation of CCTVs all over the place to promote transparency
41. The crackdown of Bilibid Drug Trade and the expose' of Lielie de Lima
42. DFA is now faster in processing passports.
43. Fixers are now out of sight
44. End of Contractualization
45. No more age limit requirements to all job seekers.
46. The closure of online gambling. From 4 thousand outlets during the arroyo admin, to 8 thousand outlets during Aquino admin
47. OEC exemption for OFWs returning to same employer! Finally no need to pay and go through the troublesome process of acquiring OEC.
48. The order to extend passport validity to 10 years
49. The curfew hours for minors.
50. The release of Abu Sayyaf hostages
51. The drivers license validity extension up to five years
52. Karaoke ban after 10:00pm. Peace at last!
53. The cleaning up of LTO and LTFRB
54. The deputation of Badjaos as Bantay Dagat (Wow! What an empowerment to the least of our Filipino brothers)
55. The DAR and BFAR's boat distribution program, feeding fishers for life

This list was produced thru the effort of contributors in social media and summarized based on reliable sources.

Sad to say that local media is just focusing on unfounded EJK accusations to the President but not to the reality that these accomplishments are already helping the Filipino people.

Source: Facebook

FBI May Look Into Child Abuse Allegations Vs Brad Pitt


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is mulling if they would launch an investigation on the alleged child abuse reports against Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

Pitt was accused of hitting one of his children while they were on a plane, the report said.

"The FBI is continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued," the bureau said in a statement.

The FBI didn’t elaborate on the details, however, it pointed out that the location carrying Pitt and his children was within the aircraft jurisdiction of the United States.

The FBI has jurisdiction over the situation, because the alleged incident happened in the air, on the couple's private jet, the report said.

Further, the police denied allegations that the actor was under investigation.

Reports said that Pitt was involved in an angry outburst with one of their children, which was allegedly the reason why his wife, actress Angelina Jolie, has filed for divorce.

Pitt has yet to issue a statement on the alleged child abuse, but has said that he was very saddened that Jolie wanted dissolution on their marriage.

The couple have six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne.

Maddox and Zahara were Jolie’s two adopted children, of which Pitt later became their legal parent while they adopted Pax in 2007.

In 2006, Jolie gave birth to their first child, Shiloh while their twins were born two years later.

Jolie and Pitt met on the set of their first movie together, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in 2004.

At that time, Pitt was married to Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, who filed for divorce in 2005 after five years of marriage.

Both Pitt and Jolie denied infidelity.

Earlier, French actress Marion Cotillard was rumored to be one of the reasons why Pitt and Jolie broke up. The actress had issued a statement that she has nothing to do with the couple’s divorce.

Source: ABS-CBN

Duterte: 'I Don't Know Matobato'


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte insisted that he doesn’t know the former hitman of the alleged Davao Death Squad, Edgar Matobato.

Matobato accused Duterte of masterminding the killings of criminals in Davao City when was still the mayor there.

Asked if he knew Matobato personally, Duterte answered: “Hindi. I don't remember. Kasi kagaya nito, when I was the mayor, the one providing security, puro pulis.”

Matobato was presented as a witness in the Senate inquiry on extrajudicial killings.

He said that he was part of a group of hitmen called Lambada Boys, which he claimed that was allegedly formed by Duterte.

The Lambada Boys was later known as the Davao Death Squad.

At the senate hearing, Matobato claimed that Duterte had ordered them to kill over 1,000 criminals in Davao when he was a mayor.

He claimed that the president knew him personally and that he met with Duterte when the latter allegedly gives the kill order.

Duterte, when pressed for reaction on the accusations of Matobato, had said that perjury is a serious crime.

The president also called Matobato and Senator Leila De Lima, a staunch critic of the administration, very stupid for claiming that he ordered the killings of the criminals in Davao.

“If some of my rivals die, for whatever reason, it doesn’t really matter who kill them. They would be taken a picture. And then it was made into a folder with so many victims there, victims of crimes against person. All was compiled. So the sum total of these morons is almost 1,007. You are very stupid,” Duterte said.

Moreover, Matobato also accused Duterte’s eldest son, Davao City Mayor Paolo Duterte, to be behind the killing of Cebuano businessman Richard King.

He also said that he was once part of the security detail of the younger Duterte.

The younger Duterte had vehemently denied the allegations of Matobato.

Source: Rappler

Ex-justice Secretary Quizzes Parameters On UN Probe


A former Justice Secretary has questioned the parameters that has been set by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in welcoming an independent United Nations (UN) investigation on the series of drug-related death incidents under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Following Duterte's remarks in General Santos City, explaining that the extrajudicial slays were not a state policy and that his orders were for the police to kill any suspect who would present “violent resistance,” and if there is a need to defend themselves, the DFA, on Friday, laid down its parameters for international investigators, including “the list of people to be interviewed and places to be visited.”

The international organizations such as UN and the EU “need to agree to the protocols and parameters that we will set before they are allowed to visit the country,” DFA spokesperson Charles Jose said, explaining that certain restrictions were for safety reasons.

De Lima, however, felt the parameters were contrary to the spirit of the invitation.

“What is the sense of inviting independent probers if they are not going to be allowed freedom of movement and action, and are going to be dictated upon on the extent of their visits and sources of information?,” she said.

“Under any standards, an investigation under such constraints can no longer be deemed independent. Protocol does not mean censorship and control over the ability of the UN team to conduct an independent, credible and exhaustive probe,” the senator added.

In a statement, Senator Leila De Lima on Saturday likened the parameters to “censorship and control.”

“While it is within the prerogatives of the Philippine government as the host country, through the DFA, to set reasonable parameters for the visit of the UN special rapporteurs and other UN probers, I find questionable the announced rule that it is the government that will decide the places to be visited and the persons to be interviewed by these probers,” De Lima said in a text message.

“What kind of investigation do we expect if the government is going to decide how the investigation is going to be conducted by the UN rapporteur’s team?” she told the Inquirer when sought for comment.

Duterte had invited the UN, the European Union and, most recently, United States President Barack Obama to visit the country and investigate the slays that reportedly have exceeded to 3,000.

However, the said number has been repeatedly explained by police and the government that not all the deaths could be attributed to the intensified and massive anti-drugs campaign.

Earlier this week, De Lima filed a resolution seeking Senate action to prod the administration to welcome a UN probe, following her removal of her chairmanship from the Senate committee on justice and human rights while there's an on going inquiry against the present administration's drug war.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

DSWD Opens To Help Kin Of Slain Drug Suspects


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has expressed willingness to help the families of those drug personalities killed in illegal drug operations.

This, after they showed concern on the possible trauma that can be experienced by families and children who witnessed the death of their loved ones in drug operations.

“We have trained social workers and psychologists to help provide counseling and necessary foster care for the children who were able to witness the death of their parent or any relative,” DSWD Undersecretary Vilma Cabrera, in charge of the department’s Protective Services Program (PSP) said.

“However, it is still the responsibility of local social welfare development officers, under local government units, to be the first responders and to provide immediate comfort to the children. They may refer to us once their resources are not enough,” Cabrera further said.

The DSWD is willing to provide assistance to affected children who has no relative or custodian and who might become orphaned because of the anti-drug drive.

The office is ready to take them into proper custody by providing temporary care and shelter in DSWD-run centers and institutions or under community-based care support through foster care.

Aside from the families of slain drug suspects, Cabrera said they could also provide assistance to drug surrenderees, through PSP such as the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) and their Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations Program.

The Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) and their Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations Program can be tapped to support the needs of the drug surrenderees' families.

“We offer livelihood and protective support for the families whose head of households were slain and for orphaned children, the DSWD provides educational support so that they will not be forced to become out-of-school youth,” Cabrera said.

Public and private institutions also provide training programs that will help enhance the skills of its participants to become self-sustaining and productive citizens, based on the coverage of the SLP with the help of the DSWD partners.

Immediate financial assistance can also be provided by the department to affected families through its Crisis Intervention Unit, which offers burial, medical, education and transportation assistance.

These programs are not only limited to affected families of the country's massive anti-drugs campaign but it could also be availed of by qualified poor families in crisis situation, Cabrera emphasized.

Comelec Proposes To Expose De Lima's SOCE


The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has offered to expose the statement of contributions and expenditures (SOCE) of Senator Leila De Lima in case such document is needed in any investigation.

This was revealed by Comelec chairperson Andres Bautista, following the statements presented by convicted inmates in an inquiry before the House of Representatives, claiming that they helped De Lima in her finances during her senatorial campaign.

In a recent house inquiry, convicted inmate and drug lord Herbert Colanggo alleged that De Lima's funds in her senatorial campaign came from the illegal drugs, adding that the latter received millions each month.

De Lima has been under probe after she was accused of her alleged involvement on the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison. However, the embattled senator did not acknowledge the inquiry against her, as she considered it a "sham" House probe.

Bautista said that the poll body is ready to provide the document if it's necessary since the SOCE is a public document.

For compliance, the Comelec is requiring all candidates and political parties to submit their SOCE 30 days after election day to determine the total expenses they had used in their campaigns.

“The SOCE is a public document, so if this is asked of us by the committees in the House of Representatives or the Senate, we’re ready to furnish them a copy,” Bautista said.

A total contribution of P86,831,095; with expenditures pegged at P88,153,300 appeared in De Lima's SOCE submitted to the Comelec.

Despite the Comelec's offer to reveal De Lima's SOCE, Bautista said they still cannot evaluate the senator's SOCE submitted to them, beyond what the law mandates.

“The Comelec does not know who are the drug pushers or drug kings, we don’t have a list of that. We don’t receive any confidential information on that. So we don’t have the technical know-how to make that determination,” he said.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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